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Dana White’s The Best Of Pride FC Coming To Spike TV

Dana White told fans at the UFC 101 Q & A that Spike TV will begin airing a Best of Pride FC series. Pride grew at one point to house arguably the best fighters in MMA at one time. Unless those fighters went on to fight in UFC, you won’t see them on this show.

“It’ll kind of be like ‘UFC Unleashed,’ White said. “All the great PRIDE fights that happened with all the stars who are UFC guys now will be on it“, said Dana White. (thanks to In other words the chances of seeing Fedor “The F*cking Joke” Emelianenko on Spilke are slim and none and slim just left town.

Sometimes I just don’t get Dana White. How can someone so immature be so successful in his industry? Why not run the best of Fedor against Fedor’s fight on Showtime? I don’t know, but I would much rather tune in to see Fedor fight Rampage Jackson, Mirko Cro Cop, and Wanderlei Silva over Alistair Overeem or Fabrico Werdum any day of the week.

UFC bought Pride a few years back which included the video library. There are a lot of great fights that happened in Pride that didn’t include UFC fighters. What is the harm in showing these fights? UFC gives Fedor a little more exposure yes, but so what? UFC owns his greatest fights anyway. UFC can reap the rewards of ad revenue and possible DVD sales. UFC’s market penetration is a hell of a lot more than M1 or Strikeforce’s.

I do love the news that I will get to see some of my favorite Pride fights on Spike TV. There are a ton of great fights that include current and past UFC stars. Other than Fedor and Sakuraba, you won’t be missing much with Dana White’s version of the best of Pride FC. There are plenty of classic Wanderlei, Nogueira, Coleman, Shogun, Rampage, Henderson, and Cro Cop fights to supplement the losses.

There are also a few lines we may be able to read between with this news. Is this the start of UFC’s efforts to return to Japan? This would also explain to me why they re-signed Frank Trigg. Trigg is a former Pride announcer and will likely host this show in some capacity. Trigg and Jay Glazer hosted the Best Of Pride when it aired on Fox Sports for a few years.

[adinserter block=”1″]I like the idea of going back and showing some of these aging fighters in their prime. Why spend all of the money on the tape library and not use it if you are UFC? There is only so much you can show on UFC Unleashed after awhile. I also think it will give UFC fans an appreciation for how great some of these former Pride fighters were in their heyday.

I can already see the first show. Chuck Liddell vs. Alistair Overem anyone? I am sure Dana White won’t have any kind of agenda going into this. For those that truly want to see the Best of Pride, there are plenty of DVDs on Amazon or videos on You Tube to satisfy your desires.

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