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Dana White’s Comments On Alistair Overeem Ring Hollow In Light Of UFC History

Dana White Alistair OvereemUFC president Dana White is angry…or so he says. White is telling everyone and their grandmother on Twitter that he is mad at Overeem for lying to him after getting popped for a high T/E count. Yet a historical precedence shows that White’s tough words mean absolutely nothing.

We all know the story by now. Alistair Overeem tested a high T/E count last month and is now suspended for nine months. Overeem’s suspension pulled him out of the UFC 146 main-event, thus causing a nightmare of last minute planning for White and the UFC. White says he is upset, but the UFC’s history in regards to punishing fighters who fail PED tests tell a much different story.

White went off on Overeem when he was asked about the recent turn of events on the Jim Rome show. “I’m not a fan at all. You’re not going to hear me today on your radio show defending Alistar Overeem, believe me,” White expressed. “Before he went in there [with the commission], he sat down at a lunch with me and my partner, looked us in the face and said, ‘I’m the most tested athlete in all of sports. They can test me whenever they want to.’ Well, he flew in for the press conference, they tested him and now he’s on a nine-month suspension.

I know he lied to me. I don’t like it. You sit down and you have these guys that you do business with, ‘Say, listen. Be honest with me. What’s going on here? Let’s figure out how we can work together and how we can do business together,’ and they still sit in front of you and lie to your face. I don’t know, not the type of guys I want to do business with.

[adinserter block=”2″]If you didn’t know any better you are probably applauding Dana White for his tough stance against PED users, specifically Overeem. However what White tells Jim Rome and how he conducts UFC business are two completely different things. A look at White’s history of dealing with fighters who fail PED tests show a guy that has zero interest in policing MMA and 100% interest in making money.

Sean Sherk tested positive for Nandrolone (a steroid) after a successful UFC lightweight championship defense. One would assume by reading White’s statements that he would be extremely tough on a fighter who represents the UFC as a world champion and fails a PED test right? Wrong. Yes, White did strip Sherk of the title but gave him a shot at the championship in his first fight back off of suspension!

Chael Sonnen tested for elevated levels of testosterone (higher than Overeem mind you) following his UFC 117 fight with Anderson Silva. Sonnen proceeded to make a mockery of the suspension by making ridiculous statements to the press and in commission hearings. Sonnen came very close to winning the UFC middleweight championship and ending the UFC undefeated streak of Silva. Imagine the magnitude if he won the belt, ended Silva’s streak, and then it was found out he fought on high levels of testosterone? How has Chael been punished? Chael was brought back before he renewed his license and has been given high profile fights ever since. Chael is three months away from fighting Silva again in what could be the biggest fight in UFC history. Let’s not even bring up Sonnen’s part in a mortgage fraud scheme in which he plead guilty to.

Nate Marquardt was a repeat offender when it came to positive PED tests. Marquardt was fired by the UFC last summer after having high levels of testosterone according to Pennsylvania (where he was fighting). Marquardt has since been hired by Strikeforce, ironically owned by Zuffa, LLC which is also the UFC’s parent company. Marquardt is tentatively scheduled to fight for the Strikeforce welterweight championship in his first fight. Yes, another offender rewarded potentially rewarded with a title shot on his return fight.

Thiago Silva was suspended last year after it was discovered that the urine he submitted for a drug test was not “human!” Silva admitted using a synthetic urine sample to mask injections of unspecified steroids 45 and 30 days out from his previous UFC fight. Not only was Silva not cut, but he was rewarded with a main-event on a live UFC television special for his first fight off suspension.

Chris Leben is currently serving a one-year suspension for testing positive for prescription painkillers oxycodone and oxymorphone following a loss on UFC 138. Leben is a repeat offender as he tested positive for a steroid following a loss at UFC 89. As of today, Leben is gainfully employed by the UFC.

[adinserter block=”1″]The point here is that unless you are an undercard fighter like Vinicius Quieroz the UFC has no interest in punishing fighters outside of their suspensions. Dana White can cry all day long about Overeem lying to him but so did Chael Sonnen, Chris Leben, Sean Sherk, Nate Marquardt, and Thiago Silva and none of those fighters faced any repercussions from the UFC outside of their license suspensions.

Is Dana really that upset Overeem lied to him? Maybe, but if you are expecting the UFC to make an example out of him you may as well forget it. So let’s drop the shenanigans and just announce that Overeem will fight for the championship in a main-event as soon as he is off of suspension and end the circus.

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  1. Lmao you made this so black and white. Sherk got a title sho becuz sherk presented some very strong evidence that it was actually a supplement from
    Xyience which zuffa owns a portion of threw other conpanies that made him test positive. Not to mention Nandrolone is naturally made in the system. Most people hav between 2-7, Sherk only had 11 while Royce Gracie had 50


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