No Apologies From Dana White On Tito Ortiz TUF Lie


Dana WhiteIf you were sitting back and waiting to hear Dana White apologize for lying about Tito Ortiz TUF 11 rumors you will be waiting forever. Dana White does not apologize for covering up Tito Ortiz leaving The Ultimate Fighter. Not only that, Dana White thinks you have a lot of nerve to even ask.

When news broke about a possible change from Tito Ortiz to Rich Franklin on The Ultimate Fighter, Dana White flat out denied the rumors. White was steadfast that Rich Franklin would fight Randy Couture and the rumors surrounding Tito Ortiz were false. Earlier this week a poster for UFC 115 promoting a Rich Franklin vs. Chuck Liddell fight confirmed these rumors. White has been blasted by critics and fans since the news broke for outright lying about the Tito Ortiz and Rich Franklin rumors. Not only does Dana White not care, he would do it again.

[adinserter block=”1″]Lost in the comments made by Dana White regarding cutting Anderson Silva if he dances with Chael Sonnen, were comments made on Jim Rome is Burning about the Tito Ortiz and TUF 11 rumors. White blasted critics repeatedly reminding them that The Ultimate Fighter is a reality television show. White said that Spike TV is paying for it and any spoilers would ruin the show. White continued to repeat that TUF 11 is a reality show and it was more important to protect the integrity of the show than be honest with UFC fans about Rich Franklin and Tito Ortiz.

Respected MMA writer Michael David Smith has since blasted Dana White for lying about the fight rumors. Smith wrote, “Can you imagine NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell lying about the New York Jets’ offseason roster moves because he doesn’t want to spoil a surprise on Hard Knocks? I can’t. But that’s essentially what White did.”

Call me crazy but I don’t think I’d spend a second of my day caring about Roger Goodell lying about a Hard Knocks television show.

I rarely agree with Dana White but I don’t see anything wrong whatsoever with him covering up the rumor. It would be one thing if he knowingly lied while selling tickets to a fight that he knew was not going to happen. He did the right thing by releasing the poster and announcing the fight the day tickets went on sale. UFC 115 sold out in record time. It appears the UFC fans are a lot more forgiving of the lie than MMA journalists.

On top of the spoiler, the news has sparked more interest in the show. This week’s The Ultimate Fighter 11 ratings were up. I can tell you as a website owner that I have received a ton of traffic from people searching google on the topic. If that is any indicator of TUF 11 interest, I would venture to guess that the rumors have created a buzz about the show that most likely wouldn’t be there if the spoiler never leaked. Dana White is a smart guy and I wouldn’t past him if he gave the green light on leaking the spoiler intentionally to create some buzz around the show.

[adinserter block=”2″]Even with the news about the Tito Ortiz leaving The Ultimate Fighter 11 and being replaced by Rich Franklin in the open, the reasons behind it are still a mystery. Some have speculated everything from Tito Ortiz getting injured during the taping to a very personal family matter. I tend to lean towards the family issues as I can’t imagine how Tito Ortiz would get injured training fighters, but you never know.

My guess is that it has something to do with the tragic loss of his triplets. In March it was reported that Jenna Jameson miscarried. I don’t think anyone would hold it against Tito if he split to be with his family over that particular situation.

Only time will tell as we are down three episodes and there still looks to be a lot of footage in Tito Ortiz in TUF 11 coming attractions. My guess is that we see Rich Franklin on TUF 11 in two weeks and the Huntingdon Beach Bad Boy make his exit.

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  1. Wow! I'm wondering if I've had my head under a rock during past TUF seasons. I don't remember knowing what was going to happen before it happened. Except for seeing guys on commercials (was it music they listened to?) that let me guess who might be left in the end.

    I do watch TUF like it's a TV show – DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!! I listened to

    espn MMA live and they have interviews with the guys from the house. I turn off the sound in case they say something that gives me a clue about something that might happen.

    If you want to start a Mayhem Miller – style brawl with me, just say something like, "the guy dies in the end". Grrrrr!!!
    .-= Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny´s last blog ..The Original Kenny Florian Trivia Game for UFC 101 =-.

  2. It's just like the Silva thing to me…people get mad and think their opinions matter so they write very long explanations about why they should matter. They don't, I know that which is why most of my comments here are ridiculous.

  3. I agree 100% with them not giving away the reason for the switch. Also agree with not saying anything about the new fight until they reveal it on the show or the reasons behind it. that all happens soon on TUF! Why spoil the show. It makes me want to watch more. Spike, The UFC, and Dana White are all hoping the same thing.

    • Absolutely. I hated the first episode of TUF 11. Now that I know something big is up I won't miss a show. It'd be different if he knowingly sold tickets for the fight but he didn't. I don't get the outrage.


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