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Dana White Thinks Vitor Belfort Is Ready for Anderson Silva

Vitor Belfort vs. Rich FranklinVitor Belfort returned to UFC in vintage Vitor-style. The Phenom knocked out former UFC champion Rich Franklin in Round 1 at UFC 103. Dana White wasted no time talking about a Belfort vs. Anderson Silva match after the fight. In the eyes of the UFC president, “Belfort is ready.”

The words and immediate hype should come as no surprise to UFC fans. Dana White has been talking about a Belfort vs. Silva fight even before he had Belfort under contract. A few months back White talked about testing Anderson Silva with Vitor Belfort. It looks like the test will come sooner than later for the UFC middleweight champion.

[adinserter block=”1″]Belfort’s win was one of the most impressive wins of the year. I never though of Rich Franklin as an elite fighter, however he is no pushover. Belfort’s win was about more than just a speedy onslaught of strikes. Belfort was a posed, mature fighter who waited patiently for his opening. Once Belfort saw the open, he took it, and it was lights out for Franklin.

Rich Franklin has only been knocked out once in the first round in his MMA career. Ironically it was Anderson Silva who knocked Rich Franklin out with a knee in Round 1 to win his UFC middleweight title. Even more impressive is that this was Belfort’s second straight first round knockout. Belfort’s previous victim was Matt Lindland. Lindland is also no pushover and the wins are extremely impressive for Belfort.

The odd man out is Dan Henderson. Hendo was promised the next title shot at Anderson Silva. Silva has yet to agree to a match with Henderson. After seeing he wasn’t interested in fighting Henderson, Silva reportedly suffered an elbow injury. The timing of the injury is curious to say the least. Henderson would be a fool to agree to a Belfort fight before the Silva match. Henderson has already turned down opponents citing that he will wait out his promised match with Silva.

[adinserter block=”2″]Vitor Belfort is for real and I am now a believer. Belfort can and will give Anderson Silva his toughest challenge to date in the UFC. Silva has never seen anyone with the speed of Belfort. Additionally, I don’t know if Silva has ever fought anyone with the confidence of Vitor Belfort. The looks on the faces of most of Anderson Silva’s opponents before the bell scream of defeat. Belfort won’t be scared and will probably be the first guy in UFC to fight Silva who believes that he can beat him.

For now, the sky is the limit for Belfort. Belfort could jump up to 205 and fight the Machida-Rua winner for the UFC light heavyweight title. Belfort had a hard time getting to 195 for the Franklin fight. Dropping down to 185 could be a big issue for Belfort. Fighting Silva at a catch weight is a solution, but that would negate UFC’s opportunity at a UFC middleweight title fight. The Anderson Silva talk is nice, but it may be in everyone’s best interest for Belfort to stick around at 195 or 205.

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