Dana White Says Kurt Angle Was Booked For The Ultimate Fighter 10

Kurt Angle is a lot of things but honest is not always one of them. The former WWE and TNA champion has told many tales about his flirtations with MMA and the UFC over the last few years. Dana White has finally had enough and set the record straight over the weekend.

Kurt has been telling tales about his possible jump to the UFC for the last several years. Recently, Kurt’s UFC tales have garnered particular interest due to his performance in the MMA themed movie, “Warrior.” Kurt was asked about them and made quite an interesting claim during a recent interview.

Angle was asked about plans to jump into the world of MMA in a recent interview and here is what the Olympic champion had to say.

I met with the IFL, I met with Pro VFC, I met with Pride, I met with the UFC twice, and the reason I did not sign with any of them was, the three other companies weren’t paying me near what UFC was offering, so there was a money issue; then, the UFC, who I would have signed with in a second (and I passed their physical, thank God) wanted me to start just four-and-a-half weeks later. No way.

Here is where it gets interesting.

I called him a couple of year later – I was getting a little tired of wrestling – I said “Hey, I’m ready”, so we had another meeting and he had me do a physical, and he threw a great offer at me, but said “I need you in four and a half weeks.”
I said “I can”t do that. You’ve gotta give me 3-6 months,” but he said “I need you in four a half weeks,” so I said “Well then, we’re not going to be able to do this. We didn’t talk for a while, but now we’re back to being good friends.

The reason Dana White wanted me so quickly though, is because he wanted to put me in the next available PPV against Kimbo Slice.

Yes you read that right. In Kurt’s words, Dana White made an attempt to book Kurt Angle vs. Kimbo Slice on a UFC pay per view. Sounds crazy right? Well it was crazy enough to grab the attention of the UFC president who shot down these claims immediately, but dropped a pretty big bombshell in the process.

What I offered him was, I said, ‘Come over here. I’ll put you on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,'” White said. “The season Kimbo Slice was on, I was going to put him on ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ He wanted to do it.” –

Wow! So according to the UFC president, Kurt Angle was scheduled to participate in The Ultimate Fighter 10 with Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson. The Ultimate Fighter 10 was the highest rated season in the history of the show. Could you imagine the ratings if you had Kurt in the house cutting promos and giving the show some pro wrestling spin? Imagine the interaction with Angle and Rampage Jackson? This thing could have been huge.

So is Kurt kind of right? Well sort of but not really. According to the UFC boss, there was no Kimbo vs. Kurt pay per view match on the table. Now would Kurt vs. Kimbo have happened in the house? Maybe, but there is no guarantee. If it had, my money would have been Angle taking the fight to the ground and tapping out the big slugger.

I think it is everyone’s best interests that Angle did not do the show. However, it should be noted that Angle is trying to make an Olympic comeback. If what Dana says is true, then I would imagine those same failed medicals would keep Angle out of the Olympics.

Kurt Angle on The Ultimate Fighter season 10? Oh, what could have been!

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