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Dana White Says Brock Lesnar Is Never Coming Back

Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC is the story that never goes away…until now. UFC president Dana White recently opened up about a conversation that he had with his former UFC champion and if he is to be believed, Brock Lesnar is retired for good.

[adinserter block=”1″]I have blogged about Lesnar possibly returning to the UFC several times since his last fight in December 2011. Lesnar left the UFC following a loss to Alistair Overeem and resurfaced in the WWE a few months later. Since then Lesnar’s name has come up a handful of times most notably after Lesnar showed up at a UFC event and had a meeting with Dana White. According the UFC president the door is all but shut on the WWE superstar.

Dana called into the Dave and Mahoney radio show on Thursday to promote UFC 155. The heavyweight talk quickly shifted to Brock Lesnar. White opened up about a phone conversation he recently had with Lesnar which should end the comeback talk.

He’s done. Called me a couple of days ago he’s never coming back. He said his body, well you know? He can wrestle but he can’t fight.

White then revealed that Lesnar was indeed considering a comeback.

He was contemplating coming back.” The host then asked whether White would have brought him back and White responded, “Yeah.”

White was then asked about the rumor of him trying to sign a Brock vs. Fedor Emelianenko fight.

(Laughs) Could be.” When asked if White had any interest in Fedor because Brock isn’t coming back White responded, “Neither is Fedor.”

I would still never say never in regards to Brock Lesnar coming back to the UFC. Brock is under a one-year WWE deal. Many have speculated that Lesnar would negotiate with the UFC and the WWE when that deal expires. He will certainly lose a lot of leverage if the WWE truly believes that Brock has nowhere else to go. I would not be shocked at all to see some rumblings of a Lesnar comeback around WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”2″]Do I think Brock will come back? Brock can make a lot of money for one night of work. The question is whether Brock physically can go through a rigorous training camp at this stage of the game. My gut says no or he’d still be there. At the same time, I would never say never when it comes to the former champion returning no matter what White says.

On the other hand, I would say never in regards to Fedor.

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  1. Brock Lesnar. Hmmmm…. Watching Brock Lesnar fight Shane Carwin was one of my favorite moments in heavy weight history. Not because of their legacy or technical prowess, but because the twelve year old boy who lives inside my mind got a phone call telling him two semi-trucks would be crashing at full speed. I thank Brock for being one of those trucks. Audacious, entertaining, and vulnerable. He man slapped Randy Couture, sexually assaulted Frank Mir and let Carwin punch him until he couldn't move his arms. Legend… Probably not. I don't think anyone wants a refund though.

  2. Brock who? I was a BIG fan of the Brockster, but like I said Brock who. He is done. He needs to stay in the fake wwe with the rest of the want to be's. He put on some real fights, but he was discraced on his last fight. He knew where his weakness was and could not guard it. Brock stay retired.

  3. So, in your opinion, what is Brock's legacy if he truly is done in the UFC? Is he a great heavyweight champion who had his run cut short by illness? Is he a novelty, a huge man who used brute force to win but was ultimatley overmatched against top competition? Or is he somewhere in between?

    • Brock was a hell of a competitor in the octagon. He showed he had heart against Carwin. But when he got sick and got operated, he was never the same. He lost after his health set-backs. Not saying he would of won but surely would have performed way better than he did.

      Too bad his career in the UFC was cut Short cause for sure he would of satyed in the top 5 as the years would of went by.

      So he was a brute that used his power at will to win matches. He is not a well rounded fighter but his strenght did cover some of those holes.


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