Dana White Is Scared Of Cyborg Vs. Rousey


Dana White has never been one to mince words. If there is one thing that the UFC prez has always hated it’s fighters that run away from fights. Which is why his support of Ronda Rousey not fighting Cyborg Santos is incredibly odd to say the least.

The UFC 135 pound women’s champion has been very vocal about her dislike for Cristiane Cyborg Santos. Rousey has regularly mocked the former Strikeforce champion over the last several months in interviews and social media. Yet as tough of a game as she talks, she sure doesn’t seem interested in fighting her.

Rousey will tell you that she will fight Santos and then follow it up with a non negotiable demand to fight at 135 pounds. Santos has repeatedly said she’d fight Rousey in a second, but she can’t come down to 135. Santos claims to walk around at 160, 170, and coming down to 135 will be dangerous to her health. As a compromise, Cyborg has offered to fight at 140. Rousey won’t budge.

I can’t recall a similar situation ever under Dana White’s watch where he didn’t publicly ridicule the fighter for not compromising. Heck, White criticized his own champion at every turn last year for turning down a fight, always telling fans that champions shouldn’t turn down fights. Which is why White’s support of Rousey refusing to come up five pounds for the fight is just outright perplexing.

White is now playing psychological games with Cyborg. White is now telling the MMA media that Cyborg is scared to fight Rousey, which is why she won’t come down to 135. I didn’t realize he was getting into stand up comedy.

“[Bantamweight] is the only division we have,” White said. “It’s been real interesting. You know, I’ve been in the fight game since I was 19 years old and I’ve been doing this for 15 years and what I get out of this deal with Cyborg is that she wants nothing to do with Ronda Rousey. She does not want to fight Ronda Rousey.”

All of the sudden the UFC are afraid of promoting catchweight fights? White has been begging Anderson Silva to fight Jon Jones and GSP to fight Anderson at catchweights. But all of the sudden a division that crowned its champion without even a fight has so much integrity that his champion can’t come up five pounds for a fight that would be the biggest WMMA fight of all time? This is just getting ridiculous.

It is hard to feel sorry for Cyborg. She got busted for PEDs and many feel that even though she got busted last year, she may have been using them longer. “Those poor girls” are what I have heard from fans and some journalists regarding Santos’ opponents after Santos was busted. Unfortunately for Santos, his past indiscretions have cost a lot of support she’d probably have in this common situation.

Cyborg continues to say that coming down that much would be too unhealthy. Santos says she wants to have kids some day and that cutting that much could prevent that from happening. Again, she loses sympathy when you consider the fact that she failed a PED test. Is taking a PED healthy if you plan to have children in your future?

Let’s call a spade a spade here. Dana White is the one scared to death of seeing this fight happen. I think he knows as do I that Cyborg would obliterate Rousey, destroying one of the biggest stars he thinks he has. How can you market the greatest woman’s fighter of all-time after she got brutalized? You can’t and without her the division is not nearly as marketable. The irony here is that as much money as the UFC stands to make by a Rousey vs. Santos fight, they could lose more if Rousey is the star they think she is.

Dana later said, “If I know Rhonda, she probably would anyway. If (Cyborg) wants to fight for a title, she’s gotta go to 135 pounds. The fight at 140 would be a fan fight because everybody wants to see it, but it’s not one of those fights that makes sense.” All I have ever heard from Ronda was say that she wouldn’t go up for the fight. If she really wanted to fight Cyborg all she’d have to do is say yes.

[adinserter block=”2″]One point I heard someone make was to have Cyborg accept the fight at 135 knowing she can’t get down to fight weight. What would the UFC do if Santos showed up at the weigh-in five pounds over her weight? Would Rousey really refuse the fight at that point? Could Dana White really allow that to happen? It is an interesting idea and I’d really be curious to see how it would play out.

At this point I think the UFC, Dana White, and Ronda Rousey just look foolish. Continuing to call another fighter, yet ducking the fight over five pounds (especially when Rousey has fought heavier) makes Rousey look like a paper champion.

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  1. I am a professional strength coach. I get paid to help people perform at the highest level and have been reasonably effective at it. Part of that, for some, is weight cutting and competing in lower weight classes.

    Cyborg simply doesn’t want to lose muscle, and with it strength. She has physically dominated other opponents, not necessarily outskilled them. Carano is perfect example of a woman with skills and not on obvious PEDs.

    Rousey has since cut weight, leaned up, and is in much better fighting shape that previously when she did Judo almost exclusively. Cyborg is supposedly walking around at 170-180 off season at 5’8″. When she and her husband used to train in Huntington Beach at Clebers and Chute Boxe, she was as big, if not bigger, than her husband, Evangelista.

    170-180 off season is not a natural weight for a woman of her height, in fact it is about 40lbs. less. I’ve trained female track and field competitors who were her height at 130lbs. and solid as a rock, arguably “bigger” than Rousey.Years of hormone use and I suspect at this point GH have kept a ton of muscle on her body. If she went clean, dropped her calories and did cardio out the ass to eat off the muscle until she hit 145 or so, she could easily deplete the rest. She doesn’t want to give up the advantage. Is it unhealthy? LOL…lighter bodyweight = live longer…look at longevity statistics. All you have to do is look at former female bodybuilders who got off the hormones, ate limited calories, and be came cardio bunnies to see how quickly you can drop muscle on a female body without a male hormone or GH keeping the weight on. I have personally taken an NPC Heavyweight Female Bodybuilder from off season 175lbs (with abs.) at 5’5….down to 115lbs in about nine months. She now does fitness competitions. So all this talk of her being unhealthy and the shit Tito wants to say is simply bullshit. It can be done if they really want to fight at 135. Notice what Dolce says…..he believes it as well.

    I don’t think Dana is afraid. What I do think is that Cyborg suffers from a Fedor problem. She gets one shot and she wants all of the Aces in her deck. It is her one shot. If Rousey destroys her, just like Overreem, people will believe it is all drugs. If she wins, and she is heavier, it will taint the win, but she doesn’t see it. She should man up and drop the 135 and show the world what she is made up. If she destroys Rousey, then she did it on THEIR terms and she will be the true champ.

    I’ve seen Cyborg compete in a Gi BJJ comp. Her technique is average, she wins by strength. Yes, she is a world champion but that is pretty shallow pool at her weight class and belt for women. Rousey is an absolute beast on the ground and with throws. The different between the two however is striking. Cyborg is a better striker, or at least we believe because we haven’t seen Rousey strike much. I hope Cyborg takes up the challenge and drops the weight because this fight would put women’s MMA in the headlines and probably in the memory book too.

  2. Cyborg is concerned about dropping weight will have affect future pregnancy plans….that notion didn't seem to bother her when she took steroids. Her argument is lame when obviously she has no concern for her body when trying to change her natural hormone levels.

  3. I agree that Dana doesn’t want this fight to happen right now, but I don’t blame him for not doing a catchweight. He’s building a division at 135 around RR, even if someone beats her, he can advertise her as the one who dethroned the champ. If Cyborg beats RR at 140 then what, does Dana make everyone else go up to 140 to fight her, what happens to the 135 division? If cyborg wants a big fight, then she should set up a rematch with Gina Carrano, that’s the match that everyone asks was she on roids wheb she took the title? Good article Eric, some ppl see whatever Dana says as law, it’s good to ask questions.

  4. You're a fool who knows absolutely nothing about "Why" there are weight divisions. Some of the greatest fighters of all time were ruined going up in weight class. 5 lbs. is not just 5 lbs. it's a distinction in physical parody. If Cyborg cannnot make the weight then she is in fact too big for Rousey to fight. It cannot be explained to make sense to someone who doesn't understand what that means. The principal is the same as putting Ben Henderson in front of Cain Velasquez. 5 lbs or 155 lbs can have the same effect on a fight. You're a fool. Yes, I used to box professionally.

    • You are a fool if you really think that Rousey can't come up five pounds. She used to fight at a heavier weight. Fighters come up and down often for catch weight fights. I do believe in weight classes but give me a break. We are talking about a woman that has fought at this weight not too long ago.

      I am not surprised. You sound like you have been hit in the head quite a bit.


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