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Dana White is a Hypocrite

Am I the only one disgusted at the fallout from UFC 97? Dana White’s comments about Chuck Liddell retiring and Anderson Silva’s fight are about the most hypocritical comments I have ever heard in my life. Once again Dana White sells out his fighters to get himself over. Tito Ortiz was right about Dana White after all.

Let’s start first about the comments following Chuck Liddell’s fight. White said before the fight “Yeah, if he loses, he will retire,” on TSN’s “Off The Record” in Canada. I can definitely empathize with those that are demanding Liddell retire. Liddell was rocked for the second fight in a row. Liddell is 40 and has lost 4 of 5 fights. But for Dana White to come out pretending to be a caring figure makes me sick.

I think Chuck Liddell should fight again if he wants to fight. Liddell is 40 years old. He may be entering the end of his career, but is it over at 40? I don’t think people are giving enough credit to Shogan Rua. Rua is arguably one of the best light heavyweights in the world when he is on his game. I don’t think anyone would fool themselves into thinking that Rua was on his game in his previous UFC fights. Liddell got rocked against a focused and ready Rua. Does that mean Liddell is done?

Liddell’s last two losses came against an undefeated UFC fighter and one of the best in the world. Other than his loss to Keith Jardine, Liddell has fought the best of the best. Can Liddell hang in there with the cream of the crop of the division? No, but he could still fight sporadically against lower tier fighters if he desires. Liddell looked focused and in the best shape of his career Saturday night. Liddell is in no way shot as a fighter and deserves a hell of a lot better than this.

For Dana White to come off as this concerned father-figure for Liddell is laughable. White is the same guy who signed a 44-year old Mark Coleman to fight a monster Brock Lesnar. White booked a 45-year old Randy Couture against the same monster. UFC also promoted the hell out of a 40-year old Royce Gracie against Matt Hughes. Would a concerned promoter have made any of these fights? It is unfair and pure crap to push Chuck Liddell aside at this stage in the game and bring back these aged fighters with a big smile. Chuck Liddell deserves better than this.

[adinserter block=”1″]White’s comments on Anderson Silva are both troubling and disgusting. “I can honestly tell you that I’ve never put on an event that I was embarrassed to be at until tonight,” White said. “I want to publicly apologize to all the fans.” Unless you are trying to manipulate the fight in any way this is what you get. White’s comments are irresponsible for someone who prides himself on promoting a pure sport.

White said after the Kimbo Slice-Seth Petruzelli fight, “‘The promoters actually paid me to not go to the ground with this guy. They paid me to stand up,’ which I’m pretty sure is illegal.” Were Elite’s expectations any different for that fight than White’s for this one? White will be the first and rightfully so, to defend the sport against people who call it barbaric. These comments and his attitude do nothing more but support those who believe UFC is promoted by blood and knockouts rather than skill.

Does Dana White need to see game plans before fights? What exactly is he asking of his fighters here? Should a fighter put their health and wellbeing at risk to give Dana White a good fight? The idea of UFC’s bonus for “knockout of the night” could be considered a little manipulative. Anderson Silva and every other fighter should be the ones embarrassed about what an idiot their boss continues to be. The message here is pretty clear and it is quite troubling coming from the president of the organization.

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  1. What he's upset about is that people paid $40 for the show and people are calling it the worst PPV since 2006. That's what he's mad about. He knew the negative feedback was coming.

    The issue is, no matter if it's pure sport or not, it still has to be entertaining. This is how it is in all sports. Do you think the NFL changes the rules to make the sport more entertaining, or simply because they feel like it? DBs can't even put their hands on receivers for long anymore. Why was that done? To make the game more entertaining. White should absolutely not be fingered for being upset. When the NFL has issues that hinder play, they immediately look into them. Are they being manipulative?

    As for White and Liddell, they are best friends. Of course he doesn't want to see him get his ass kicked again. Liddell was slow, his reflexes are slow, and he looked terrible. White should be commended for keeping one of his meal tickets out of the game. No promoter on earth would do it with someone who makes them money.

  2. I can appreciate where you are coming from. I don't know if it is more of a personal relationship or Dana White trying to play hero. I just think if Chuck wants to fight again, let him fight. He lost to Rua, no shame there.

    My point is that Dana White was upset about the Silva match because it wasn't exciting. I know it is entertainment, but it is sport as well. He wanted the fighters to engage more and I agree. At the same time, this is what you get when you offer a pure sport. White theoretically should have nothing to be upset about. If White is upset that the fight didnt go to the ground or turn into a brawl, I see it as a manipulative statement coming from the president of the company.

  3. First off, the reason White cares about Liddell is because Liddell is very well off, doesn't need the money, and is also one of his best friends. There's a personal relationship there.

    I'm also not sure what's similar about Seth possibly being offered money to not go to the ground with Laetes dropping to his back. I don't think I understand that one.



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