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Dana White – We Want Cyborg in the UFC!

Dana White claims to have the world’s best MMA fighters in the UFC.

Sadly, the UFC president is wrong.

The UFC is missing an entire division of elite MMA fighters. Until the UFC incorporates a women’s division, they will not have every great fighter (not named Fedor) under their roof.

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  1. @fingerssfv,I completely agree with you.There is some good girls fighters,some of them are awesome and they're giving a good show too.

    But,the sport as to grow till it gets to the major league!

    It might be uncool for those female,but its a fight they have to fight and win.Like the women hockey players did.It took a long time for them before the sport got into the Olympics.And even now,its not taken seriously by some ppl,despite all the success their sport had!

    The time will come,I'm sure of it.

  2. As long as the list of female fighters is small, there is no need for even an attempt to install a women's division. Once there are enough female fighters who can compete in separate divisions in a female format, then White will look into it, but until then, why? Let's let it grow first.

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