Dan Henderson Down For Heavyweight Super Fight

UFC veteran and former Pride and Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson is looking to bounce back quick after a recent loss to Lyoto Machida. Henderson is so desperate for competition that he is willing to move up a weight class for a super fight at heavyweight.

I am a big Henderson fan and this is exactly why. The guy is a warrior. Henderson wants the best competition and he is willing to jump out of the division to do it. Henderson did exactly that shortly before heading back to the UFC when he KO’d the great Fedor Emelianenko in Strikeforce. Hendo is willing to add a few pounds once again for a shot knocking out the big boys.

Evan Shorman has a great interview with Henderson posted on his Tumblr page. One of the questions Shorman asked Hendo was about taking a super fight at heavyweight. The former champion is interested.

I’d consider fighting anybody. As long as I didn’t have to cut too much weight, I’d pretty much fight anybody. I just want to get back in there as soon as possible. I hated the long layoff. I want to fight any one of the top 5 guys and I know I’m capable of beating them. That’ll keep me right up in there. I’ll take any one of them. I could sit here and b*tch (about the Machida fight), but it doesn’t help anything. I just want to be active and give the fans what they should have seen the other night.

Henderson does mention that a return to 185 pounds is also a possibility. I just don’t see that happening given the UFC’s reluctance to book a rematch with Anderson Silva. There have been rumblings about a fight at light heavyweight with former champion Rashad Evans. I say this as a big Henderson fan but I have zero interest in seeing that fight and I think I speak for a lot of fans. I am certainly not interested in watching Hendo against another guy who won’t engage for three rounds.

Henderson is at a crossroads. At 42 years old he really needs to get a big win in his next fight or he is in trouble. Considering the recent rash of budget cuts it is not inconceivable to see Henderson cut if he was to lose another boring fight (not that I’d credit him with that).

I’d love to see Henderson step up at heavyweight for a big fight, although I’d be the best to tell you that the term super fight really wouldn’t apply. I’d love to see a fight with Henderson vs. Junior Dos Santos or even the world champion. Roy Nelson could also be another fun matchup considering that both have a tendency to engage. Josh Barnett would have been perfect if the UFC was able to sign him.

Henderson’s next fight is arguably the most important of his career. An exciting win against heavyweight competition may be the right way to turn his misfortune around.

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