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Damien Sandow wins WWE MITB briefcase, but Cody Rhodes is real winner

In a few strolling moments, we all became Cody Rhodes fans. After what was an amazing night for the WWE, there are so many questions left to be answered. Where do you begin after seeing the best pay-per-view of the year for the company?

[adinserter block=”1″]If you are scoring at home, give this an “A,” and hope that the next month moving into SummerSlam will be as hot as it is here in the Florida sun? What happens now with Sandow and the World Heavyweight Title? Here are a few scenarios of how this could play out.

I don’t think the idea is to have Sandow cash in right away. He has been brilliant of late and has gotten a real push from his matches with Sheamus. But I see this working more to Rhodes advantage than anything else. While Sandow will pursue the WHC, the title his best friend’s father held, here is something we might now have thought about.

What if Sandow has to face Rhodes for the title?

I have a theory this is where Rhodes gets the push and beats Alberto Del Rio for the title, the title his daddy won in the NWA and helped to create as the greatest title in wrestling until Vince McMahon took over the wrestling scene.

But this could happen.

Rhodes was the Intercontinental Title holder for more than 251 days and never once was he really given a push. As a member of Team Rhodes Scholars, the two were good as a tag team but could not beat Team Hell No. A feud with the Real Americans seemed likely, but that isn’t happening now.

There are some real questions that now become relevant since Sandow is the title chaser.

Does Rhodes gain a title shot and beat Del Rio and face Sandow for the title? Is Wade Barrett ever going to get a title shot? Does Dean Ambrose stay in mid card hell while he strengthens his grip on being a great singles wrestler? Can Christian get that one last match?

All the cards are now in the hands of two guys who will probably wind up feuding. Rhodes, like his father, will win the hearts of the WWE Universe and be a huge star as a far. Sandow, who looks like “Non” from the Superman movie back in the day, He is the perfect heel right now. And if he and Rhodes tangle in the ring, it could be a epic confrontation (of course they will meet in the ring. Mark it down for SummerSlam).

Both ladder matches were epic in their own right and told a story worthy of making the WWE worth watching for the next five months. That is exactly what this PPV is supposed to do.

Back in the day, before he became “The American Dream,” Dusty Rhodes was a heel in Florida in Eddie Graham’s “Championship Wrestling from Florida.” It took his partner, Pak Song to turn on him for the greatness and character to come out.

Cody is nothing like his father, and of course does not have the same charisma. But, I do see an angle where the “friend’ in Sandow has a few choice words about Rhodes and his upbringing and his lineage, which leads to war.

Finally, Rhodes gets the push he needs and has deserved. And to be honest, the win by Sandow does more to help both these wrestlers. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes, everything falls into place.

[adinserter block=”2″]On Sunday night, everything did fall into place. Sandow won a Money in the Bank Briefcase. Cody Rhodes won more than that. He won the chance to be the superstar the WWE should have pushed him to be long ago.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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  1. 100% on the money. Cody Rhodes had the night of his life at Money In the Bank. In the WWE it's NY, Chicago, Boston, LA, and Philly where you can cement your name in history if you belong, or where your career goes.

    Look at Bruno Sammartino. Enough Said.

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