Damien Sandow was robbed, Stephanie McMahon and Other Pro Wrestling Thoughts


The WWE all but admitted last Monday night that it did not know what to do with Damien Sandow and his Money in the Bank contract. In a shrewd move, the Intellectual Savior of the WWE did something many could not do with more experience – he took John Cena past the brink.

[adinserter block=”1″]I personally am a huge fan of Sandow’s work on the microphone and in the ring. He represents the good and bad of what professional wrestling has become lately. He could be the biggest heel on SmackDown, if given the chance and has the ability to take a title from anyone on the roster on any given night.

Sandow is in a bit of purgatory. He was involved in the hotly contest feud with Cody Rhodes that was abruptly stopped to give Rhodes a needed push with his family angle.

He did not have a clear cut rival, where someone like Kofi Kingston or R-Truth or some other retread would not be fair to the character. I thought maybe Dolph Ziggler would work or maybe Christian upon his return, but none of that materialized. He then gave Cena 15 minutes of some fantastic “wrestling” which resulted in his MITB contract being absolved. While it solved the WWE’s issue with what to do with the up-and-comer, it did not help him in any way should Alberto Del Rio continue to challenge Cena for the World Title.

Sandow is a throwback of sorts. A little bit “Leaping” Lanny Poffo, a little bit of Nick Bockwinkle and a little bit of George Wepner. His character was somewhat stagnant until his feud with Rhodes and he continued to drop matches. It will be interesting to see how the WWE plays out the Cena-Del Rio-Sandow triangle. Remember as well, SAndow tried to cash in on Del Rio as well.

Stephanie McMahon’s bold move

Speaking of playing out programs in the WWE, I wonder how long with it will be before Stephanie McMahon considers her husband, Triple H, a B+ COO of the company?

There is going to be a major shift at some point in this “Authority” angle where the “Queen Witch” of the WWE grows weary of her husband not being able to take care of business in the ring. The fact that Kane all but exposed the flaw on Monday night was a sign this could be a very interesting eight weeks in the WWE.

We all know Big Show’s days in the company are not over, where I suspect he may challenge Randy Orton at some point for the title and Kane will soon become the company’s enforcer. What that means is goodbye to The Shield and the appearance of Vince McMahon and maybe Shane McMahon to side with Stephanie – proving blood is thicker than water and wedding vows.

Is Stephanie the “Devil” the person Bray Wyatt talks about? Is she the one behind the impromptu attacks by the Wyatt Clan? Does it lead to a partnership between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk? What happens with Kofi Kingston in all of this?

Breaking up The Shield

Dean Ambrose is by far the best of the three in the “Hounds of Justice,” however it seems Roman Reigns will be the odd man out in the unholy trinity. The WWE is taking a bold step here, not pushing Ambrose toward a World Title shot.

Reigns is the type of wrestler Vince McMahon used to rely on in the 1980s – bold, rugged, huge, abusive and full of power and strength. He has a look to him and a chance to be huge. But don’t fool yourself – in terms of ability he may be better than Ambrose and Seth Rollins, but he is also light years behind them in knowledge and performance.

If Vince is looking to make Reigns another “Rock,” he had better be patient. Do not create another Ryback situation.

Goldust is still golden

If there is something to praise in the WWE right now, it’s the work of both Cody Rhodes and his brother Dustin or “Goldust.”

Since coming back to the company, the 44-year-old has been nothing but spectacular. The angle of the union of the Rhodes family has been well played and the attack on The Shield, and the battles with the Real Americans have proven to be far better than I expected.

This is one move the WWE made with bringing back a veteran that still had plenty in the tank to offer.

[adinserter block=”2″]Admittedly, I thought the WWE would have Goldust turn on Cody as part of the company angle and as part of the past issues the Rhodes family has had between Dusty and Dustin. Good to see the angle works and allows both of the Rhodes offspring show how dynamic they are.


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