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CZW Fake You TV – They Said it Couldn’t Be Done

CZW Combat Zone WrestlingEver since the demise of WCW and ECW & the rise of TNA as the #2 promotion (make your own jokes), wrestling fans have been clamoring for an alternative program to the WWE monopoly and the repeating of WCW’s dying years. That alternative arrives this coming Friday, March 5th at midnight on WMCN. After hearing it couldn’t be done for 5 long years, Combat Zone Wrestling makes its long anticipated return to television.

[ad#336r]For the past year or so, the word “change” has been thrown around quite a bit by politicians & Hulk Hogan (talk about irony). All we’ve seen are changes for the worst. 2009 marked a year of changes (many argue for the better) for CZW. A change in ownership saw CZW founder John Zandig sell the company to long time CZW wrestler DJ Hyde. 2009 saw the retirement of the Iron Man Championship, the creation of Wired Internet TV, & the addition of the Wired Television Championship. Old faces not seen in the Combat Zone for a some time began to return & fresh new faces started making their presence known. CZW began an international partnership with Germany’s WXW, sending members of its roster overseas to compete.

The changes are continuing into this year. The Ultraviolent Underground Championship changed hands in Germany. CZW & WXW are hosting a double header in the hollow halls of the ECW Arena next weekend, giving American fans a taste of international carnage. CZW has begun expanding in the US; the first show outside of Philadelphia in years takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana towards the end of the month.

[ad 6]But perhaps the most significant change is the emphasis on WRESTLING. CZW has had an unfair reputation for years for being only a blood & guts promotion. ECW had the same problem. 2009 and 2010 have seen some of the best wrestling matches on the independent circuit. Fans are still raving about the encounters between B-Boy & Drake Younger, Jon Moxley vs. just about anyone, etc. Things are on the up & up for CZW. To experience the difference for yourself, tune in to WMCN this coming Friday at midnight and witness the most action packed half hour of professional wrestling available in the United States today.

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