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CZW Best of Cage of Death Vol 1 – Review

CZW Cage of DeathThumbtacks, barbed wire, light tubes, blood, guts, and violence, are all terms often used, when referring to Combat Zone Wrestling, one of the top independent wrestling promotions in the United States, infamous for its ultra-violent, hardcore demographic. On December 12, 2009, less than 1 month away, CZW will present its biggest event of the year, Cage of Death, witch annually features a main event, contested in a steel cage, fill with all kind of weapons, including panes of glass, barbed wire boards, cacti, thumbtacks, tables, ladders, chairs, and just about anything and everything else imaginable! It’s also not uncommon to see electrical devices attached to the cage walls, creating massive explosions when contact is made. In anticipation for the 11th annual Cage of Death extravaganza, CZW has recently released a collection of the best matches from past Cage Of Deaths, from 1999 until 2004. The release can be viewed at, for the very affordable price of only $7.99. Now, let’s get started with the actual review. By the way, this review will NOT contain match outcomes, so don’t be afraid of spoilers.

Lobo vs. Justice Pain in a Cage of Death match from COD I

[adinserter block=”1″]The first match, features the main event from the very first CZW Cage of Death, in 1999. This is a must see match for any CZW fan, because this is the match, that responsible for what an extraordinary tradition Cage of Death has become over the years. As far as the action in the ring went, it was far from what you would think of when you think of a classic wrestling match, but for a match trying to bring a new, ultra-violent style of wrestling into the United States, this was pretty damn solid. The match went about 20 minutes, featuring the use of glass, a cactus, chairs, and more. There is also a pretty cool spot, where Lobo takes a sick bump of the top of the cage, through a table. Overall, this was a great way to introduce an ultra-violent style of wrestling to American fans. (***1/2)

John Zandig vs. Lobo vs. Justice Pain in a Cage of Death match from COD II

As CZW grew in popularity, so did its expectations. In front of a rabid, blood thirsty crowd, CZW presented their 2nd annual Cage of Death, outdoors. As far as this match went, it was another good hardcore bout, outdoing the first Cage of Death match. Plenty of vicious weapons were used, such as light tubes, barbed wire, and panes of glass. Mid way through this 15 minute battle, Lobo took another sick bump, from the top of the cage, through a barbed wire board. Overall, another really good ultra-violent bout. (***3/4)

Ruckus (C) vs. Trent Acid for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship from Cage of Death III

In front of a sell out crowd of over 1,500 people, CZW made their debut in the former ECW arena, for their 3rd Cage of Death. This match up between Ruckus and Trent Acid, was an amazing match, and defiantly my personal favorite match from the release. This match really proved, that CZW is not just all about ultra-violence, but can also produce great pure wrestling matches as well. This was a great back and forth match, with tons of false finishes and great action throughout. The match also featured some innovation with the use of several tables, ladders, and chairs. At one point, Ruckus hit a shooting star press from the Eagles Nest, onto Trent Acid, through a table! He also hit a summersault drop kick, from the top of a ladder, onto Trent Acid, who was in the tree of woe with a steel chair places in front of his face! This was truly a great 30 minute match! (****1/2)

The H8 Club vs. The Midnight Outlaws from COD III

Before I go on to talk about the quality of the match, I thought I’d mention that The Midnight Outlaws were actually the Briscoe Brothers. Now, as far as the match itself went, it was a really good match, featuring more quality wrestling action, than hardcore violence. During the course of this 15 minute match, Nick Gage hit a pile driver on one of the Briscoes, from the ring apron, through a table, sending Briscoe head first into the concrete! Again, great wrestling action throughout, and I’d recommend any wrestling fan check this one out. (***3/4)

John Zandig vs. Lobo in a Cage of Death match from COD IV

All I can say to describe this match, is WOW! This match, from a sold out crowd at the former ECW arena, was CZW’s last event in that venue, before XPW signed a contract for the rights of it, and this match was one hell of a way to go out! These two pulled out all the stops, and really catapulted CZW to that next level. This chapter of the release, features nearly 45 minutes of some of the most most unbelievable violence to ever be conducted inside a professional wrestling ring, especially the clip shown before the match, where we see Zandig being beat down in the back, and eventually hung by meathooks! Durning the match, there were to many amazing spots to count. Lobo hit a death valley driver off the top of the cage sending himself and Zandig through tables, and Zandig hit an elbow drop from the top of the cage onto Lobo through more tables, just to name a few. This match also had a great story line to it. Be sure to purchase this event, and see who retrieves the contract, and gains control of CZW! (****)

The Messiah vs. Justice Pain(C) from COD IV for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship

After leaving the XPW, The Messiah came to CZW and fought tooth and nail to capture the CZW World Heavyweight Championship. In this match with Justice Pain, he had his opportunity. This 30 minutes match, was a pretty good bout, again, focussing more on actual wrestling than ultra-violence, although, there were a few sweet table and thumbtack spots. Again, purchase this event, and find out weather or not The Messiah fulfilled his destiny, to claim CZW gold. (***1/2)

Team Ultra-Violence of John Zandig, Lobo, New Jack, Wifebeater, Nick Gage, and Ian Knoxx vs. Hi-V of The Messiah, The Backstreet Boyz, Nate Hatred, B-Boy, and Adam Flash in a 6 on 6 Cage of Death Match at COD V

HOLY CRAP! This match was hard for me to believe! For the first time, the CZW Cage of Death match up, was turned into something very innovative and interesting. The setup of this bout was very unique. Across the sealing of the former ECW arena, a series of steel cage walls were held up by cables, where the competitors could walk/wrestle on. There were also 2 rings, with 1 consisting of the Cage of Death, and the other covered with millions of thumbtacks. The only way to win for your team, is to either eliminate all of your opponents by knocking them to the concrete, or by all competitors of a certain team making it back to the entrance way. As far as this match went, it had more hardcore/violent spots than Ric Flair has wives! Spots included several falls from the sealing to the ring filled with tacks, New Jack doing his notorious dive through a table from the sealing, and several other big falls and sick bumps. Also, I’d like to note, that I thought that I had seen it all in pro wrestling, until I saw Lobo do a death valley driver from the top of the cage, through 2 tables, with a wrestler and a manager stacked up on his shoulders! Even the managers in CZW are crazy! LOL! Overall, this was an amazing contest for an ultra-violent showcase. (****)

[adinserter block=”2″]Overall, this collection of matches was extremely entertaining, and well worth the affordable price! There are plenty of great matches, for death match fans, and pure wrestling fans alike. There is truly something for everyone on this release, and I highly recommend checking it out. By the way, Eric Gargiulo and John House were tremendous on commentary as always! Anyway, that all for my CZW Best of Cage of Death Volume 1 review, and you should defiantly check this out, and the newly released Best of Cage of Death Volume 2, at It will be well worth your money spent, and you will be entertained for over 3 hours of Combat Zone wrestling! Overall release: (9/10)

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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