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CZW Best of Cage of Death Vol 2 – Review

CZW Combat Zone WrestlingLast time, I reviewed CZW’s Best Of the Cage of Death Volume 1, and I loved the entire release top to bottom! Needless to say, Volume 2 was no exception. Again, my review will not spoil the winners of the matches, so don’t worry about this ruining your fun! Let’s get started.

Team Blackout (Ruckus, Sabian, Jack Evans, and Eddie kingston) vs. Team Ca$h (Chri$ Ca$h, Sexxxy Eddie, Nate Webb, and JC Bailey) in a War Games style Cage Of Death match from COD VI

This was the first matchup featured on this release, and it was a great way to start! This was a pretty good Cage Of Death match, featuring all kinds of insane sports, including Chri$ Ca$h hitting the Ca$h Flow from the top of the cage through a stack of tables, JC Baily being pulled through mutable piles of thumbtacks, and Jack Evans taking a sick bump from the top of the cage onto the concrete, missing the tables! This was my least favorite Cage Of Death from these “Best Of”releases, but it was still a very good match nevertheless. (***3/4)

“Mr. Wrestling”Kevin Steen vs. Chris Sabin from COD VII

In my opinion, this wasn’t that great of a match, but it severed it purpose, by reminding us viewers, where top television stars, like Chris Sabin, started out. Overall, this match was still a decent outing by both men, but could have benefited from a bit more time. Also, I wouldn’t have minded a bit more “flying”on the behalf of Sabin. (**3/4)

Drake Younger vs. Necro Butcher from COD VIII

[adinserter block=”1″]Overall, this match was a pretty good little hardcore match, but again, could have really benefitted from a bit more time. Some spots done throughout the course of the match, included several staples inserted into each respective individual via the staple gun, Necro hitting a cannonball sentine onto a board covered with nails placed on Younger, Necro power bombing Younger over the top through a table, and Younger hitting a Code Breaker onto Necro from the top onto a steel chair! This match had a lot more it could have offered, but was satisfying at the same time. (***1/2)

Ruckus (C) vs. The Messiah for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship from COD IX

One thing that separated this release from volume 1, is that this release had a lot more pure wrestling, as opposed to ultra-violent wrestling. This match was a prime example, showing that CZW is not all about hardcore wrestling, but can also put on quality pure wrestling matches. These two put on a match with plenty of quality wrestling, and also incorporated some weaponry. My favorite spot featured Ruckus hitting a standing shooting star press, from the ring apron, onto a trash can, which was placed onto the sternum of Messiah! I won’t reveal anymore, but let’s just say that this match ends up in a 3 way dance, with one of CZW’s top stars returning to the Combat Zone! (***1/2)

Sonjay Dutt vs. B-Boy from COD X

Again, CZW shows you that they are not only capable of putting on classic ultra-violent matches, but great pure wrestling contests as well. This was a pretty good match, featuring the recently returning Sonjay Dutt, who returned here to CZW, after a lengthy career with TNA. The match was very fast paced, and really delivered. Overall, it was thoroughly enjoyable. I can guarantee you, you’ll enjoy this match, but I recommend you don’t eat before you view this, because Sonjay does a lengthy, and I mean lengthy, full moon spot! Just down right disgusting! LOL!

Eddie Kingston (C) vs. Chris Hero vs. Justice Pain for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship from COD VIII

Once again, this was more of a pure wrestling match, showcasing 3 of CZW’s finest competitors. This was a lengthy match, going nearly 30 minutes, and was fairly exciting all the way through. By the way, I just love Justice Pain’s theme music. It’s I Don’t Know Anything, by Mad Season. It’s awesome! You should defiantly check it out! Anyway, back on subject, the match was pretty good, and was enjoyable all the way through. (***3.4)

Lufisto vs. Sabian from COD IX

Wow, Lufisto is pretty damn impressive! For a female, she’s incredible! This woman can go! Sabian is a really good wrestler as well. Overall, this match was very good, featuring both elements of comedy, as well as great wrestling action. Lufisto executed a beautiful suicide dive through the ropes, hit a sick fisherman’s buster DDT variation, and even took a sick chair shot ti the temple toward the ending of this 20 minute battle of the sexes. This woman is tuff too! Really good match! (***3/4)

Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. Super Dragon and Excalibur from COD VI

This was by far, my favorite match of this release. This match featured so much action and spots, I missed half of it because I had to blink! Wow, what a match! Some notable spots featured Super Dragon showing off his awesomeness, El Generico hitting a brain buster on Excalibur onto the top turnbuckle, as well as a running, standing moonsault over the top to the floor, taking out Super Dragon. All four men looked great here, and had the crowd standing on their feet throughout the entire bout, and even giving all the men a standing ovation after the match. Toward the conclusion of the match, Super Dragon hit a vicious Psycho Driver onto Generico. Damn, that move is downright sick, yet awesome all at the same time! Great, great match! (****)

Nick Gage, John Zandig, and Justice Pain vs. Necro Butcher, Joker, and Toby Klein in a 7th Circle Of Hell Cage Of Death match where War Games rules apply

[adinserter block=”2″]Holy you know what! This match was absolutely, positively, 100% insane! This year, the Cage Of Death featured a new and unique setup. This year, there were 8 sides to the cage, and the cage was erected about 10 feet away from the perimeter of the cage, allowing the competitors to battle out on the concrete, without exiting the cage setup. All 6 guys left it all in the ring here, and I am more surprised than I’ve ever been, that all 6 men are still alive! This was Joker’s first match since he defended our country in Iraq, and boy did he show a lot of guts in this one, at one point delivering repeated head-buts to a barbed wire covered baseball bat, forcing the sharp barbs into the temple of Zandig. Other insane spots during this match included mutable spills onto a barbed wire spider web contraption, Nick Gage receiving a back body drop over the top through a giant pane of glass and subsequently through a table, Joker giving Justice pain a pile driver through a table covered with another pane of glass, Nick Gage giving Joker a face wash with the assistance of barbed wire, and Zandig powering Toby Klein over the top through a table. The conclusion of the match saw Zandig hitting a press slam onto Joker, off of a scaffold, through a flaming table! There was more bloodshed in this match, than I have ever seen if a single matchup in my entire life, and that’s a cold hearted fact! No matter how many times I watch this match, I can never seem to forget the horrific scene, of puddles and puddles and puddles of blood, spread out among the concrete floor, beneath the sadistic barbed wire spider web contraption. This match seriously needs to be seen to be believed, and is without a doubt my all time favorite Cage Of Death match! This match was absolutely flawless, and for a ultra-violent death match, this match receives a 5 star rating, no questions asked! (*****)

Overall, this was an awesome release from Combat Zone Wrestling, and I HIGHLY recommend you purchase, for the very affordable price of only $7.99! It is currently available to be viewed online, at This release, volume 2, also featured a lot more pure wrestling than volume 1, but if you’re a death match wrestling fan, don’t worry, you’ll get your fill! Great stuff!

Overall Rating: 8/10

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