Curtis Axel, Arn Anderson And Unresolved WWE Issues


Although I was not a fan of Curtis Axel before his transformation into the wrestling character he is today (he was Mike McGillicutty as part of the Nexus), I have to say the current Intercontinental champion in the WWE does intrigue me due to his overwhelming potential.

[adinserter block=”1″]The third-generation star will never be the wrestler Randy Orton or The Rock have been over the years and he may never attain the same stature of his father, Curt Hennig, but there is a belief by myself (and probably other wrestling writers) that Axel has a solid future in the WWE, if only for a short shelf life.

Another thing hit me as I was watching Axel last week and during the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event — could Axel and Arn Anderson’s careers mirror each other?

Anderson was the greatest wrestler to never capture the World Title in the NWA and WCW. He was a rugged sort, could talk on the mic and was surrounded by others who helped to make him better. The Four Horsemen will go down in history (in my opinion) as the greatest wrestling stable of all time. Only problem is Anderson, who I think was better than him, played second fiddle to Ric Flair. A better wrestler, a better talker and a better all around performer.

Flair’s exuberance and arrogance were unmatched by anyone in any generation and he could sell, which made him the perfect “heel” champion to rival the likes of Jack Brisco, Rick Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes and Sting.

Axel has the talent, the in ring look, needs to get better on the mic (Anderson was not great at first) and he needs to learn to sell like nobody’s business. Given all those similarities, and the fact Axel has Paul Heyman in his camp (and a lead dog like Brock Lesnar) who knows where Axel’s character will go.

Axel’s character and future is not the only question the WWE will have to deal with in the near future. With SummerSlam on the horizon, the WWE needs to continue to promote John Cena/Daniel Bryan, decide how to handle the Randy Orton injury situation and what to do with Mark Henry.

These are also issues that need to be answered.

Has the feud between Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow trumped the World Heavyweight Title?

We are stoked by the idea of the feud that has begun between former members of Team Rhodes Scholars. Has the battle between Rhodes and Sandow made the quest for the WHC less important? First off, I am not a huge fan of Alberto Del Rio being the current champion and it looks like Dolph Ziggler will have his hands busy with Big E Langston. Does a feud that does not directly involve a title mean more to the fans than the man who actually holds the title?

Can Tara help a developing WWE Divas Division?

YES! No, this is not a Daniel Bryan exclusive. Tara was released from TNA last week because of contract issues. The 40-something diva had been a mainstay in TNA since 2009 and could give life to the Divas division immediately. Her size and skill would be a welcomed addition. And a beginning of Kaitlyn, AJ, Tamina, The Bellas Alicia Fox, Natalya and Tara could be a great start to something new.

Should Christian just move to the tag team division?

[adinserter block=”2″]YES! He is looking for one more match, but he is not going to get it in the singles division. Look for the veteran to move to the tag team ranks, where a combination of Christian and Wade Barrett of maybe Kofi Kingston (upon his return) would be a great thing for the WWE.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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