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Creed 3: Release Date, Returning Cast, Villain, and Latest News

Creed 3 is coming forward but leaving some things behind.

Creed was set up as a spin-off of the Rocky franchise but it has come forward with its success and proved itself to be a standalone franchise itself. Although it is a fact that Creed 2 could not achieve the great success that the first Creed released in 2015 did, it was still received with open arms and paved the way for future Creed movies.

Creed III is now finally set in motion and has already received a release date. It will be continuing the Rocky franchise but as a standalone franchise of its own but this time it looks like it will be leaving Rocky behind.

Here is everything we know about Creed 3 so far:

What is Creed About?

Creed follows the story of Adonis Johnson whose father Apollo Creed was a popular boxing champ. However, he never came to actually know his father as Apollo died before Adonis was born. But soon enough, he follows in his father’s footsteps and seeks out Rocky Balboa.

Rocky happens to be his father’s old friend and rival and after being asked by Adonis, Rocky sees Apollo’s image in Adonis and agrees to teach him and becomes his mentor. Adonis reaches great heights with Rocky’s mentorship.

The Plot of Creed 3

Creed II left us with Adonis facing off Viktor Drago in the ring who is the son of Ivan Drago, the man that killed Adonis’ father. We witnessed Adonis coming to terms with his father’s death and the legacy he left behind as he becomes a family man.

Michael B. Jordan has claimed that the third installment of the Creed franchise will have a “deeply personal” plot however, no information has been revealed about the film’s story and it is all being kept under wraps. Even then, we can expect some great action in the movie and we will also see Adonis’ journey to finding himself.

However, it has been revealed that Jonathon Majors will be the upcoming villain in the third creed movie. Other than that, nothing else has been revealed but it is being speculated that he could have ties with Clubber Lang.


Jordan will reprise his role as Adonis and Tessa Thompson will return for her role as Bianca Taylor, Adonis’ love interest. Phylicia Rashad will return as Mary Anne, the adoptive mother of Adonis.

The big sad is that Sylvester Stone will not be returning for Creed 3 as Rocky Balboa. He said on his Instagram account that: “It will be done, but I won’t be in it”.

Creed 3 Release Date

It is not known when the movie will begin filming or if it has already begun but Creed 3 has been slated for a release on 23 November 2022.

Are you excited about Creed 3? Let us know in the comments.



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