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Crazy Rich Asians 2 Potential Release Date, Plot, Leaks, and Latest News

“That is exactly what a super-rich person would say.”

The success of Crazy Rich Asians was one of those moments where you are genuinely happy about the story of a book series coming to life and actually being a great adaptation. The film released in 2018 stuck close to the books’ original material and stayed true to the original story.

However, that was not the end of it. Kevin Kwan, the writer of the book of the same name has two more books in his arsenal namely China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. The film adaptations for both books have been in development right after the success of Crazy Rich Asians. However, very little information has been revealed for all these years since the production began.

The delay happened because the screenwriters of the movie, Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim walked away due to salary problems. However, the production has finally begun with a new screenwriter, and here is everything we know about Crazy Rich Asians 2 so far:

Title of the Movie

Well, since it’s a sequel so you would assume it to have the same name as its prequel with a number 2 after it but that might not be the case this time. Since Kevins’ second book is titled ‘China Rich Girlfriend’, we can expect the sequel to have the same name.

However, it is not set in stone yet but the IMDb page of the sequel is using the second book’s title for the movie name.

The Plot of the Movie

At the end of the Crazy Rich Asians movie in 2018, we witnessed a wedding proposal after Rachel recommits to Nick as Nick uses his mother’s wedding ring to propose to Rachel while she was on her way to board a plane back to America.

So the sequel of the movie will pick after the same events at the end of the first movie but the story will fast forward to two years later. We will see Rachel and Nick getting ready for a wedding but Nick’s mother steps in and tells Rachel that her estranged father has been found who also happens to be a wealthy Chinese billionaire.


As of now, almost all of the cast members of the first movie are expected to make their return for the sequel but since the story will be expanding so we can expect some new faces in the movie as well.

Jon Chu will be returning to direct the second movie but Amy Wang will be screenwriting the movie this time.

Crazy Rich Asians 2 Release Date Expectations

After the events leading to the screenwriters signing off, the movie is certainly going to face setbacks and delays so production won’t begin until 2022 end so we can at least expect a trailer to drop and a confirmed release date by the beginning of 2023.



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