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Cowboys Stadium Must Be A Fun Place To Watch A Last Second Loss

Romo An air conditioned parking, a gigantic scoreboard, great food, 3,000 TVs, and a Cowboys loss. The Dallas Cowboys opened up their new stadium like they closed their last one. The New York Giants spoiled the party and sent Jerry Jones home with a billion dollar electric bill and a loss. Tony Romo now officially can’t win a big game in December or September. How bout them Cowboys?

I am no Giants fan, but I root for anyone playing the Cowboys. On top of that, I love seeing a Cowboys choke. This was the choke of all chokes for the Dallas Cowboys. On a night where the world was watching, ex-presidents were in attendance, and NFL Hall of Fame players were brought in for the celebration, the Giants kicked a last second field goal to beat the Cowboys. It doesn’t get any better than that!

[adinserter block=”1″]The win is tremendous on a lot of levels. For one, the Cowboys lost their stadium finale last season to the Baltimore Ravens in embarrassing fashion. Two, there was way more hype put on this game than it deserved. The Dallas Cowboys have become a story about a stadium rather than a story about a team. Third, this was the Giants who have continually crushed the hopes of Cowboys fans this decade. I hope nobody got frozen tears walking back in the air conditioned parking lot.

It may be game two, but can we please get off of the Tony Romo bandwagon? I have never seen a quarterback with more undeserved hype in my life. Let’s call a spade a spade here and face facts that this guy does not have the dedication to football that an elite quarterback has. He has great natural abilities, but that will only get you so far in the NFL. The big stories this off season were about Romo and Jessica Simpson and his golf game. That isn’t going to bring a Super Bowl to big D anytime soon.

Eli Manning is just a mystery altogether. I think that the Giants overpaid Eli by millions with the $97 million contract. However, the guy just keeps on winning for the Giants. He isn’t the flashiest quarterback in the NFL. Yet the guy continually puts his team in positions to win games. Additionally, like him or not the guy is a clutch quarterback. Tony Romo is not a clutch quarterback. While I’d rather hang out with Tony on a Saturday night, I’d take Eli quarterbacking my team any day.

Is it fair to blame an entire loss on a quarterback? In this case it is. Tony Romo threw three terrible interceptions. All three interceptions turned into points for the Giants. Unlike the Giants, the Cowboys defense had no pressure on Romo. Part of this was because they were tired after being put on the field continuously thanks to their quarterback. Troy Aikman could have come in from the sidelines and given the Cowboys a better chance at winning on Sunday night.

It is also obvious that Terrell Owens was not the only reason that the Cowboys have under produced the last few seasons. Owens is as much of a distraction as you allow him to be. It is amazing how human Jason Witten becomes when T.O. isn’t there to grab the double coverage or Cover 2 defense. The Cowboys made a big mistake getting rid of T.O. Take it from an Eagles fan. You don’t replace a guy like that on the field in one season.

[adinserter block=”2″]I wonder how many Tony Romo fans there are in Dallas this morning. I can probably name 105,000 people that aren’t too excited about their quarterback today. The good news for Cowboys fans is that you get your disappointment early this season. Rather than wait until December or January, you can come to grips in September that your team is overrated and your quarterback stinks.

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