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Couple Stabbed To Death While Riding Their Bikes Home in Daytona Beach

A gruesome and chilling murder has transpired at Daytona Beach in Florida where a husband and wife were brutally stabbed to death. The husband and wife were riding their bikes home when they were murdered.

The police are saying that the perpetrator is supposedly a man and are frantically looking for clues to catch the criminal. Here are more details about the horrible incident:

What Went Down

Two people were brutally murdered while they were riding home on their bikes in Daytona Beach, Florida. The officials have identified that the two people were husband and wife and were on their bikes coming home from the main street in the residential area where they were brutally murdered.

Reports say that the murder occurred around 1-2 a.m. and someone dialed 911 to report the murder. The police arrived on Sunday morning at the place of the incident which was in the 700 block of NorthWild Olive Avenue.

When the police arrived, the couple were found on the side of the road, located a couple of blocks away from the main street where police suspect the murder actually happened. Reports also say that a bike week was being held at Daytona Beach and the murder occurred very near to the location of the event.

Not A Hit and Run Case

Although the person that called the police claimed that it was a hit and run but the police have scratched off that reason from the list. The actual murder was too brutal to be considered a hit and run.

The couple’s bodies had multiple stab wounds and throats were slashed. After that, their bodies were dragged away from the road and onto the grass and after that, the suspect reportedly ran away.

The people living near called the police reporting that two people were lying on the side of the road and it was probably a hit and run.

Details of the Suspect

For now, no hard evidence has been found from which the police can determine the suspect. Also, the murder happened around midnight so the police are claiming it might be hard to track down the victim and no witnesses have yet come forward.

However, from some sources, the police are currently looking for a man wearing light-colored or white pants and also carrying a backpack behind. The police have encouraged all the residents to call the police for any suspicious activity.

The authorities have not released the names of the dead couple yet. According to the police chief, Jakari Young, the crime scene did not look like a robbery at all, and it looks more like a planned assault, if not then the victim has to be deranged.

Police are telling people to call Detective Howell of Daytona Police at 671-5257 if they find anything suspicious or a clue.



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