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Could Brock Lesnar Replace Kane at WWE Money in the Bank?

Take a moment and imagine CM Punk as the last man standing in WWE’s All-Star Money in the Bank ladder match. The other five Superstars are down and out and the former WWE Champion is climbing the ladder, rung by rung, mere inches away from pulling down the red briefcase.

[adinserter block=”1″]Suddenly the music hits. The crowd jumps to its feet, the pop is unreal. Then we see him; Brock Lesnar is standing at the top of the ramp, flanked by Paul Heyman.

Surprise, surprise. Brock is Kane’s replacement for the match.

Brock gets in the ring and decimates everyone in his path. He grabs Punk and destroys him in the middle of the ring. Then he looks up at the briefcase and smiles.

You know what happens next.

Now comes the part where you’re reading this and likely wondering where in the world writers like myself come up with these crazy ideas, right? Well, truth be told to be a WWE analyst you have to be a little unhinged at times. It’s actually a job requirement.

But the fact is that is currently listing Kane as doubtful for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view coming up on Sunday July 14. This is a result of his assault at the hands of the Wyatt Family on the July 8 edition of Monday Night Raw.

And now yours truly has grabbed that headline and run with it. So, where does this come from? Inside information? Backstage gossip? Try none of the above.

It just so happens to be my firm belief that Paul Heyman will find a way to screw CM Punk out of the opportunity at a guaranteed WWE title shot on Sunday. The friction between the two men has been palpable for the past few weeks and is only getting worse.

The bottom line is that Punk’s trust of his best friend has been shaken. And with good reason.

The truth is that Paul Heyman is the evil genius. He is the master manipulator and no matter what the situation or who’s involved, he finds a way to get his way. And he does it every time.

When Punk openly defied Heyman, telling him that he no longer needed him at ringside, the fuse was lit. Paul knew what he had to do. The time had come to remind Punk of just who gave him his big break in WWE way back when and also to remind him of just exactly who is in charge in their professional relationship.

After all, no one crosses Paul Heyman. If you do, there will be consequences.

So the head of the Heyman family sent out his biggest gun in Brock Lesnar to F5 Punk and now all bets are off. Paul may be denying any fault, but the truth is this is what he does. He is orchestrating the game and Punk is an unwilling player.

Now the time has come for the last hand to be dealt.

Brock Lesnar could once again interrupt CM Punk and this time ruin his shot at the WWE Championship. Brock would suddenly be the man with the briefcase, or perhaps Curtis Axel could be the replacement and pull down the case due to Brock’s interference.

And then we would see Heyman hugging the red briefcase, clutching it for dear life. Just imagine it.

[adinserter block=”2″]We will all find out on July 14 and if Kane does not walk the aisle to enter the ladder match at Money in the Bank, then be prepared for a surprise. Be prepared for the pain.

Or be prepared to laugh at me and my ridiculous notions, which is completely fine as well. A little crazy, remember?

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Tom Clark is a WWE Featured Columnist and Consultant for Bleacher Report and a Contributor for JBL’s Layfield Report

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