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Could AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels WWE Dream Match Happen?

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Can you tell that WrestleMania season is on the horizon? Fans can’t help but think up their own card if they were running the biggest spectacle of the year. We see it everywhere we go – blogs, dirtsheets, even on social media. You can’t escape it and you find yourself either rolling your eyes at the ridiculousness or agreeing with them.

The latest dream match scenario added to the rumor mill is a possible matchup between AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels. Read that again. Did your heart beat a little faster? Did your jaw drop at that?

Facebook page The Spotlight posted a fan edit Thursday afternoon of Styles and Michaels, teasing such a match. On the picture, it teased that maybe it could happen as early as the Royal Rumble. Normally you may think to yourself “oh man, what a match that would be…” However, Styles sent out a teasing tweet featuring the same picture, which put fans in an uproar. Is Styles trolling or is there really something in the works featuring The Phenomenal One and the Heartbreak Kid?

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One thing is for sure is that fans would pay any dollar amount to see that match come to life. If HBK wanted to come back for one more match, then I think this should definitely be it. Since Styles has come onto the scene this year, fans have been pleased with his direction. The current WWE Champion has been booked well and has faced the likes of Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns. What we once thought was impossible is now possible, and sometimes I wonder if it is really happening with Styles. The ball is definitely in his court and he’s playing the game well.

The Royal Rumble is at the Alamodome – first time in over twenty years. Michaels would have a hometown crowd to his advantage right there. Can you imagine how lit the crowd would be? Furthermore, does Michaels still have what it takes? Never underestimate HBK – he is Mr. WrestleMania after all. And speaking of WrestleMania, if this happens would it be a one-off matchup? Or would it be a program to go into WrestleMania? I may be stirring the pot here, but can you imagine the money WWE could make off of that? I mean the possibilities are monumental.

But for now it is a wishing well when it comes to Styles. The WWE Champion has his hands full with Dean Ambrose for the time being. But that’s not to say we can write it off. Apparently Styles wants the match to happen. The ball is in HBK’s court perhaps, and I’m pretty sure WWE wouldn’t mind bringing Michaels back into the fold to kick off the Road to WrestleMania. They’re crazy if they don’t at least try to make this dream match happen.

The buzz is in the air, and fans have put the bug in the company’s ear so to speak. Whatever may come out of this is a waiting game, or it might not happen at all. Until then, it’s just a dream match and there is always 2K17. But it would be nowhere close to the real thing. Unless we just might get it after all.

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