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Could a WWE Triple Threat Match Happen Between Ryback, Big Show and Kevin Owens?

The WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback has become a fan favorite for his intense in-ring persona. In his recent IC title defense against the Big Show, Ryback was able to lift the world’s largest athlete off of the top rope and slam him onto the mat, eventually getting the 1-2-3 pin.

[adinserter block=”1″]Although Ryback emerged victorious, the Big Show stared down Ryback as if he had unfinished business to settle with “The Big Guy.” Both the Big Show and Ryback are fan favorites and it seemed as if the fans gave the Intercontinental title match one of the biggest pops of the night.

Kevin Owens Calls Out Ryback

Enter Kevin Owens: On a recent episode of Smackdown, Owens made it clear that he was focusing on becoming the next WWE Intercontinental champion. Owens specifically said that he was tired of Ryback’s “Feed Me More” slogan. Kevin Owens is a veteran of the wrestling business and his explosive moves in the ring have quickly earned him the respect of the WWE locker room.

Although Kevin Owens has made comments about Ryback on Smackdown, Ryback was not featured on the program therefore he was unable to directly respond. Ryback is known as a fighting champion and he will likely defend his belt against any and all challengers. The bigger question still looms: Who is the #1 contender for the Intercontinental belt? One way to settle that dispute could be a Triple Threat Intercontinental title match at WWE Night of Champions.

A Triple Threat Match at Night of Champions?

One thing that most fans will agree upon is the fact that Ryback has set the bar high for competitors in the IC division. Although we do not have an official Intercontinental Championship match on the WWE Night of Champions card as of yet, some wrestling analysts believe that Ryback and Kevin Owens could find themselves in the ring against each other. If so, that leaves a lot of questions open. How does the Big Show factor in? What about the Miz, who has shown interest in reclaiming the IC belt? Could there be a Triple Threat match of some sort brewing for the Intercontinental Championship?

If a Triple Threat match were to occur for the Intercontinental Championship, Ryback, Big Show and Kevin Owens could be a likely combination of competitors. Kevin Owens is still trying to prove himself in the WWE and going up against wrestlers such as Ryback and the Big Show could help him showcase some of his talents and in-ring abilities.

Kevin Owens Could Have Problems Against the Big Guy and the Big Show

[adinserter block=”2″]Kevin Owens notoriously uses the Pop-up Powerbomb as his finishing move which presents an interesting scenario. Could Kevin Owens somehow get Ryback into the Popup Powerbomb? What about the Big Show, who weighs over 425lbs? If Owens can’t hit one of his signature moves, can Owens really be a factor against the Big Show or Ryback in a match?

If anything, Ryback’s run as Intercontinental Champion has lifted the bar in terms of competitiveness within the IC division. Ryback is known for his gigantic, imposing frame and his fierce competitiveness in the ring. Many fans are surprised to see Ryback’s stature listed at 6’3″ on the WWE website.

When you watch Ryback compete in the ring, he wrestles as if he’s much larger than he actually is, truly earning himself the nickname “The Big Guy.”

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