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Top Ten Coolest Halloween 2012 Costumes for Adults

batman dark knight costumeThis 2012 Halloween season, if you’re stuck on what costume to buy for the awesome party you’re planning or you just want to have the hippest costume at your local parade, read on for the latest trends for adults’ Halloween costumes! You’ll be the belle of the ball or the coolest guy at the party if you decide to go with these hot costumes!

Dark Knight Rises: Catwoman Costume For all the ladies who adored Anne Hathaway as Selina “Catwoman” Kyle in “The Dark Knight Rises” and wished they could kick butt alongside Batman, this costume is a dream come true!

[adinserter block=”2″]The Avengers: Black Widow: Fight the armies of the Chitauri as one of Earth’s mightiest heros! This “Black Widow” costume is the perfect choice for all of the geek girls out there who absolutely adored “The Avengers” movie.

Snow White and the Huntsman: Queen Ravenna Costume: Embrace your evil side with this gorgeous costume based on the latest adaption of the “Snow White” legend!

Mary Poppins Costume: Get your flying umbrella ready as you embrace your inner nanny with this awesome costume! Children and adults alike will give you two thumbs up for choosing to be one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time!

Snow White and the Huntsman: Snow White
: This isn’t the Disney “Snow White” costume of your childhood. Defeat the evil queen and find love as this warrior princess adaption of the girl as fair as snow!

Dark Knight Rises: Batman: Defeat Bane, fight crime, and be the hero that Gotham deserves as “Batman” this Halloween. This is the perfect choice for all the geeky guys out there who adored the Nolan “Batman” trilogy!

Power Rangers: Green Ranger: Every little boy wanted to be the most awesome of the Rangers, and this Halloween, make your childhood dreams come true. Just be careful: you may find yourself whistling the catchy theme song with this costume too!

The Avengers: Captain America
: Become one of Earth’s mightiest heros and fight the invading Chitauri armies as Captain America this Halloween season. If you adored “The Avengers” movie and are a fan of the comics, this would be the perfect costume!

Dark Knight Rises: Bane Costume:Become the infamous Bane and plot with Talia Al Ghul to destroy Gotham—and break Batman’s back. And yes, for all of you comic book and Nolan “Batman” movie purists, this costume does include the famous mask as well.

[adinserter block=”1″]Snow White and the Huntsman: The Huntsman Costume: Help the warrior princess Snow White defeat the evil Queen! This costume is a great choice if you and your girlfriend want to go as a matching pair to a party or a parade.

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