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Conor McGregor vs. The WWE Is Absurd

There are some stories that are funny and there are some that are just completely absurd. The social media battle royal between the WWE and its fans vs. UFC champion Conor McGregor is one of those stories that is truly hard to believe in 2016.

UFC champion Conor McGregor is known for one thing more than anything else and that’s his mouth. As great of a fighter as he is inside the octagon, it’s mouth that gets him the press and makes him the money. So the idea of anyone taking anything seriously that comes from a guy’s mouth that is always in promo-mode is just downright silly. Enter the WWE Universe!

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Conor McGregor took some shots last week at the WWE on a conference call where he made accusations about Brock Lesnar and called the entire locker room pu$$ies with the exception of Vince McMahon, Triple H, and the Rock. WWE fans fell right into his trap and fed the troll with some comical defenses of their favorite pro wrestling super heroes. McGregor continued his verbal assault by claiming he’d slap the heads off of everyone in the WWE. In other words, they fell into McGregor’s trap hook, line and sinker.

  • “Your the size of my leg. Shut up.” – Roman Reigns
  • “Bring it.” – Sasha Banks
  • “Sorry pal no disrespect to u, but my fights are legit, unlike the fixed fights u have in @UFC. I’ll embarrass u.” – Chris Jericho
  • “Very funny little guy. Why don’t you get your head out of Dana White’s ass.” – Kurt Angle
  • “I would pay good $$ to see @RealKurtAngle STRETCH THE PISS outta @TheNotoriousMMA and make him tap. #itstrue.” – Bubba Ray Dudley
  • “I think McGregor could do well in the featherweight division……if the WWE had one.” – AJ Styles
  • “Coming from a guy who built a career copying my persona, I expected the type of class we get from Ronda or Anderson. After Diaz finishes you again, I dare you to try guys like Dolph, Brock, or Fit. Oh you’re welcome for your gimmick. If anyone doubts whether or not Dolph could tie Conor in a knot, do yourself a favor and Google his accomplishments” – Ric Flair’s Twitter account.
  • “So much talk for a guy who fights 15 min matches twice a year…… Good for you Conor McGaiver.” – Rusev
  • “Would you prefer to find us individually or have us all line up at once? I know your time is valuable, sir.” – Big E
  • “Yikes, looks like @TheNotoriousMMA could really use a bowl of Booty O’s right about now. Someone hook him up…” – Kofi Kingston
  • “I volunteer as tribute. Just need to drop 40lbs & find where every dude in Brooklyn gets their haircut/tats.” – Dolph Ziggler on fighting McGregor.
  • “Bro you’re water trash, here’s some advice keep that mouth shut or I’ll shut it for you, you mutt!” – former UFC fighter and current pro wrestler Matthew Riddle
  • “On the edge of my seat for @TheNotoriousMMA‘s next backtracking tweet specifying what he ‘meant to say’, Captain generalization is a riot.” – Drew Galloway
  • “Never show a Jack Russell a mirror. It thinks it’s a majestic Irish Wolfhound. Really, just an annoying wee yapper trying to sell tickets.” – Sheamus
  • “Hey @TheNotoriousMMA, cool name by the way. U think u could slap my head off? Come try me! I’d mop ur sorry ass! @WWE.” – Curtis Axel
  • “We have a new Pokemon character, @TheNotoriousMMA : tries to steal the spotlight & has a big mouth.” – Fit Finlay
  • “Hey @TheNotoriousMMA if you put on some weight you might make @wwe Cruiserweight Division.” – JBL
  • “Not a fan of Foolish behavior on social media. I’d welcome @TheNotoriousMMA 2Any @WWE show & We can go from there.” – Titus O’Neil
  • “The way Nate Diaz Stockton slapped you or nah?” – MVP
  • “Ignorant people are only relevant when people make them so. Ignore them and they will remain ignorant as well as irrelevant.” – Kevin Owens

But it wasn’t the fans that turned this fun attempt at self-promotion into a national story, it was the current and ex-WWE superstars themselves. Some of them had a little fun with it and shot back at McGregor with a bit of a wink and a nod, while others made complete idiots of themselves. Let’s take a look at this battle of wits between one of UFC’s heaviest hitters and his pro wrestling counterparts.

I don’t even know where to begin here. Whether you are a WWE fan or not, the truth is that McGregor would likely slap around every WWE star. That isn’t meant as an insult as McGregor would probably slap around any professional athlete or entertainer outside of a boxer or fellow Mixed-Martial Artist. Yet for some reason, there are thousands of WWE fans out there that actually think Roman Reigns or even Dolph Ziggler (all credit to Dolph’s impressive amateur pedigree but he hasn’t ever fought MMA) could beat an elite UFC fighter because they are big or were a decorated amateur wrestler decades ago. Yes, even in 2016 it’s still real to them. Why anyone would think different is just downright scary.

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Hey, listen if this whole thing is a big work on all of us that culminates with Conor McGregor vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 I think it’s great. However, I think it’s clear that the UFC is very protective of their assets and will not allow their fighters to compete in a pro wrestling match. Unless Conor McGregor is somehow released of his contract or the UFC has a change of heart, there is a better chance you see McGregor against Floyd Mayweather next April than you do a WWE star at Mania.

Maybe the social media department thinks it’s a great idea to piggyback off of McGregor and get their WWE stars involved in some kind of Twitter beef? I can’t imagine why that would be the case, otherwise the biggest workers in the entertainment industry are indeed being worked themselves into helping promote McGregor. And in the end that will help only one guy and one company and neither will have an impact on the WWE’s books at the end of the year.

It’s time to stop the madness and move on. It’s starting to get embarrassing.

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