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Complete UFC Undisputed 3 Pride FC Roster

Bob Sapp UFC Undisputed 3One of the most exciting additions to the next UFC Undisputed video game is the Pride FC mode. The new Pride FC mode will see different rules, a different ring, different announcers, and a Pride FC roster of 33 fighters ready to kick each other while they are down or bloody a downed opponent with a knee to the head.

The return of Pride Fighting Championships may be exclusive to UFC Undisputed 3, but that won’t stop me from getting excited. The Pride roster will boast an assortment of classic UFC and Pride FC fighters that turn this purchase from a maybe to a must-buy in my opinion.

ESPN.com got their hands on the roster with a full breakdown of attributes. It is important to note that while guys like Anderson Silva and Wanderlei Silva will be included as part of both the Pride FC and UFC rosters, the fighter’s skills will in Pride will represent more of what they were like at that time period as opposed to now. In other words, you will get a less skilled Anderson in Pride while Wanderlei on the Pride roster will be a better fighter than the one you play with on the UFC side.

[adinserter block=”2″]One thing I have not seen anywhere is whether the Pride FC roster is playable in the UFC mode. Since the rosters are being marketed separately, I am guessing they won’t be which is a bit of a fail if you ask me. But again, this is just conjecture on my part.

Here is the complete list of Pride FC UFC Undisputed roster…

– Bob Sapp
– Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
– Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
– Dan Severn
– Don Frye
– Gary Goodridge
– Gilbert Yvel
– Heath Herring
– Kevin Randleman
– Mark Hunt
– Mark Coleman
– Mirko Filipovic
– Kazuhiro Nakamura
– Mauricio Shogun Rua
– Quinton Jackson
– Rameau Sokoudjou
– Vitor Belfort
– Wanderlei Silva
– Murilo Rua
– Jens Pulver
– Marcus Aurelio
– Takanori Gomi
– Anderson Silva
– Chuck Liddell
– Dan Henderson
– Murilo Bustamante
– Akihiro Gono
– Carlos Newton
– Denis Kang
– Paulo Filho
– Phil Baroni
– Royce Gracie
– Ryo Chonan

[adinserter block=”1″]As you can see, there are some notable snubs from the Pride FC roster. It shouldn’t surprise anyone not to see Fedor Emelianenko on the roster or in the video game. Sadly, Kazushi Sakuraba will also not be in the game. New UFC signee Alistair Overeem is also omitted from the roster. I have seen people going ballistic on message boards over these omissions.

One thing you should keep in mind before complaining is that you can create these guys. There are always tons of UFC Create-A-Fighter formulas online that will get you fairly close to creating anyone left out of the game. Additionally, one of the UFC Undisputed 3 pre-order bonuses will give fans a instant points to boost CAF fighters and make them competitive with the fighters included in the game.

Check out the fighter attributues on ESPN.com.

The UFC Undisputed 3 release date is February 14, 2012…just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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