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Comic-Actress Ali Wong and Her Husband Justin Hakuta Are Divorcing After 8 Years of Marriage

This is not a joke.

The ‘Always Be My Maybe’ star Ali Wong and her husband Justin Hakuta is finally calling it quits. The two have decided to divorce after eight long years of marriage. The news of their divorce was confirmed by Wong’s representative.

The source claimed in an interview with People that the two will continue co-parenting their two daughters and said: “It’s amicable and they will continue to co-parent lovingly.” Several fans of the comic actress took to social media to express their grief over the news of her divorce.

Here is everything we know about the divorce so far:

Who are Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta?

Ali Wong is a comedy actress popularly known for her role in the Always Be My Maybe film of Netflix where she played the lead role along with Randall Park. She also runs a comedy special on the online platform which is called Ali Wong: Baby Cobra. She has also written a memoir dedicated to her two daughters Mari and Nikki called “Dear Girls: Intimate Tales Untold Secrets and Advice for Living Your Best Life”.

Justin Hakuta is an entrepreneur and a businessman. He earned a Decision Science bachelor’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and is a Harvard graduate with an MBA degree. Most recently he was reported to be the vice president of product at GoodRx, which is a multimillion-dollar technology firm.

Ali and Justin

Justin and Ali Wong first med each other in 2010 at a friend’s wedding reception and immediately rose a spark. At the time of their meeting, Justin was a student at Harvard. Wong has jokingly talked about “trapping” Justin during the Baby Cobra show in 2016.

She said: “The first thing I learned about him was that, at the time, he was attending Harvard Business School. And I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m gonna trap his a**. Going to trap his a**!’ And I trapped his a** initially by not kissing him until the fifth date, which is a very unusual move on my part. But I did it on purpose because I knew that he was a catch.”

After a few years of dating, the couple decided to tie the know and got married in San Francisco on 27 November 2014. Wong also revealed in her memoir that she had made a prenuptial agreement with Justin before they got married.

She claimed that the agreement made her work harder for her career and also added: “My father always praised ‘the gift of fear.’ And that prenup scared the s*it out of me. In the end, being forced to sign that prenup was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me and my career.”

The circumstances that led to the divorce are still unclear and we have yet to receive an official statement from any of the two.



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