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2010 College Football Preview – 13 Weeks, 13 Games to Watch

John BrantleyI know for a fact there are people in this country every fall that watch twelve hours of college football every Saturday for thirteen weeks. While most NCAA football fans would love nothing more that to partake in such a dedicated viewing experience, they cannot.

Every fan usually makes time to watch their favorite school play and a couple of marquee matchups during the season, which is still a great way to enjoy the Football Schedule. But if you could only watch one game a week, which one would it be? Below I broke down the college football season week by week. I picked the one game each week that should be the most interesting. Also, in the interest of fairness, I never used the same team twice you can watch twenty-six different teams!

Week 1: Boise State vs. Virginia Tech. September 6th. This game was scheduled for later in the season but was moved to Labor Day in primetime. Both schools have aspirations for national championships and the game is being played in FedEx Field in Washington D.C. Virginia Tech has played tough opening games before, USC and Alabama, and both of those schools went on to beat Virginia Tech and win the national championship. Boise State is hoping history repeats itself…again. (Honorable mention: Oregon State at TCU.)

[adinserter block=”2″]Week 2: Florida State vs. Oklahoma. September 11th. Rarely do we get to see traditional powers face off prior to bowls, but this trend is becoming more common and fans hope it will continue. We get an early look at how new Seminoles’ coach Jimbo Fisher does in big games and if quarterback Christian Ponder can get an early lead on the Heisman Trophy race. (Honorable mention: Miami at Ohio State and Penn State at Alabama.)

Week 3: Nebraska vs. Washington. September 18th. Huskies’ quarterback Jake Locker gets his chance to impress Heisman voters in a showdown against one of the best defenses in the country. On the other side, viewers get a first hand glimpse of Cornhuskers defensive lineman Jason Crick, who can dominate just like former teammate Ndamukong Suh did last year. (Honorable mention: Arkansas at Georgia, BYU at Florida State and Iowa at Arizona.)

Week 4: Miami at Pitt. September 23rd. Two of the most exciting players in the game (Pitt RB Dion Lewis and Miami QB Jacory Harris) go at in another non-conference power matchup on a Thursday night game in primetime! Expect Jimmy Johnson to be there rooting for his former school, Miami, and defensive coordinator, Pitt coach Dave Wandstadt. (Honorable mention: Oregon St at Boise St and West Virginia at LSU.)

Week 5: Florida at Alabama. October 2nd. You know it’s a big game when it trumps Texas – Oklahoma. The two best schools in the best conference get it on in a rematch of last years’ SEC Championship game. How will John Brantley and the Gator’s offense do against that tough Tide defense? By the time this one is over, it could be the game of the year. (Honorable mention: Texas at Oklahoma, Penn State at Iowa and Stanford at Oregon.)

Week 6: Troy at Middle Tennessee. October 5th. This game gets bonus points for being a Tuesday night right in the middle of the season. Also, it helps to feature two high scoring offense that will make for highly entertaining game. Plus, it is a Tuesday night! (Honorable mention: Florida State at Miami and USC at Stanford.)

Week 7: Ohio State at Wisconsin. October 16th. Control of the Big Ten Conference is at stake. This will be Wisconsin’s first test of the season and they play at Iowa the next in a critical two game stretch. Ohio State will have played Miami already, but this will be their first game against a ranked opponent on the road and only their second road game. (Honorable mention: BYU at TCU and Texas at Nebraska.)

[adinserter block=”1″]Week 8: Notre Dame at NAVY. October 23rd. Charlie Weis had his issues with this service academy and now we get to see how new Irish coach Brian Kelly fairs against them. If Kelly wants to turn things around at Notre Dame, he is not only going to have to beat teams like Navy, he is going to have to do it convincingly. (Honorable mention: North Carolina at Miami and Wisconsin at Iowa.)

Week 9: Oregon at USC. October 30th. Just like two weeks earlier, conference supremacy could be on the line as the Ducks fly into Los Angeles to take on Matt Barkley and the Trojans. By this time, we should have a good understanding of where the Trojans stand under first year coach Lane Kiffin. With no postseason for the Trojans this year, they could look at this match up as their bowl game. (Honorable mention: Florida vs. Georgia and Stanford at Washington.)

Week 10: TCU at Utah. November 4th. A Thursday night clash against BCS Buster schools headlines this week. TCU could be undefeated at this point and Utah will be looking to knock off one of their own before their move to the Pac 10 (12) next year. (Honorable mention: North Carolina at Florida State and Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech.)

Week 11: Georgia at Auburn. November 13th. Auburn in trying to reestablish itself as a player in the SEC and Georgia is hanging on with Coach Mark Richt. A Bulldog loss here and Richt could be on the way out while a Tigers’ win could be the jump to elite Gene Chizik is looking for in his second year as coach. (Honorable mention: Virginia Tech at North Carolina, Utah at Notre Dame and Penn State at Ohio State.)

Week 12: Ole Miss at LSU. November 20th. By this time, we should know how safe Les Miles is at LSU, with games against Alabama, Florida, West Virginia, North Carolina and Auburn by the time the Rebels come to town. The next week, the Tigers travel to Arkansas. With only four “gimmies” on their schedule, this game could cost Miles his job and a possible move north to Michigan. (Honorable mention: Ohio State at Iowa and Virginia Tech at Miami.)

Week 13: Houston at Texas Tech. November 26th. Get ready for about one hundred points and plenty of passes as these two high octane offense let it fly on a Friday night! Last season’s thriller saw Houston win by one point. New Red Raider coach Tommy Tuberville isn’t changing a lot on offense in his first year in Lubbock, at least not yet. The players there still fit the system run by former coach Mike Leach so Tubberville will ride the strengths of his current players until he transitions to the power running game he prefers. (Honorable mention: Florida at Florida State, West Virginia at Pitt and Notre Dame at USC.

There you have it. Thirteen weeks. Thirteen games. Twenty-six different teams. Plenty of honorable mentions. Lots of different days of the week. This season could be as exciting as any recent ones and these games are just a small sample of what it has in store. Enjoy!

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