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Cody Rhodes Will Get the WWE Push He Deserves

As a wrestling historian and fan of the old guard, I am always interested in how second and third generation wrestlers fare once the spotlight is squarely on them.

[adinserter block=”1″]For every Curt Hennig, there are five David Sammartinos. For every Jake Roberts, there are a handful of Brian Christophers.

The Rhodes family has been fortunate to have three individual stars who have had their shining moments at one time or another over the last six decades.

Yes, I said six decades.

Dusty Rhodes was considered one of the greatest NWA champions and faces of all time. His gimmick has never been matched. His style – unique and never duplicated. As a wrestler, booker and creator, he helped to establish wrestling for what it was in the height of the Jim Crockett-led NWA.

As a three-time NWA Champion, he held his own with the likes of Ric Flair, Harley Race, Pak Song, Dory Funk, Terry Funk and Tully Blanchard.

Dustin Rhodes was a marginal wrestler in WCW and made his way to the WWF where he created maybe the greatest gimmick of all time (or second to The Undertaker) in Goldust. The flamboyance, the intrigue, the mystery and the ability carried him far in the Federation, but it never brought him WWF gold.

The addition of his former wife Terri Runnels (Marlena) made the duo uber hot and a fan favorite.

And now, little brother Cody is about to finally get his chance to prove just how great he really is.

Following Monday night’s loss to Randy Orton in which the former World Tag Champion and Intercontinental title holder was fired, it only confirmed just how great the 28-year old is and going to be.

Consider the “firing” as one of his father’s “Loser Leave Town Matches,” where the younger Rhodes will leave to go get married and return to the ring in a few weeks, only this time with a vengeance and in a much bigger spotlight then he was.

It’s hard to imagine Rhodes being any bigger than he has lately with the program with Damien Sandow (which is still unfinished). I predict that somehow Sandow becomes part of this Corporation kliq – where Triple H controls both titles – and Rhodes chases Sandow with the gold his father once wore, in hand.

Although I am not crazy about halting such a great piece of work by both wrestlers (Sandow and Rhodes) making Rhodes a potential challenger for the WWE Title or World Title makes for compelling television and gives Daniel a break from being the only one getting his butt kicked on a regular basis.

My only concern is when Rhodes returns, what happens to the story being told? the Bryan/Orton angle has some steam that can carry one for a bit – and yes, even until John Cena returns.

Add Rhodes to a mix and dynamics change faster than a Dusty Rhodes bionic elbow.

It would be great if Cody added that to his finishing moves, wouldn’t it?

But Rhodes, in my opinion, is best suited to carry the blue banner where feuds with Alberto Del Rio, Sandow, Wade Barrett and Dean Ambrose await him (wouldn’t that be an awesome).

[adinserter block=”2″]He is still young enough that he can grow, turn heel and back a few times and carry a WWE strap a few times over. His mic skills are brilliant and if he can give us the vignette he gave Josh Matthews the Monday night, there is no doubt Rhodes will be a fixture in the company downt eh road.
Call this “firing” a preparation of greatness to come.

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  1. I think it sucks the way they are letting Triple H bully the wrestlers, Makes me sick, they say they are against the bullies what is this telling our children about their hero's, that they don't live what they preach, I think you all need to do some soul searching and quit acting like bullies

  2. After watching the match Monday night I have to saw that I agree with just about everything you said, right down to adding the bionic elbow or some version of it. I think that HHH controller both titles will bring some value back to the World belt. Alos love the idea of making it personal to Cody since his dad held it. Possibly opens the door to get some of the old NWA guys involved. Flair, Lawler, maybe an appearance by Dusty. Good article.

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