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Cody Rhodes Talks Bed, Bath, & Beyond Card, WWE I-C Title, and More

Being a second generation pro wrestler doesn’t always have its benefits. Being a member of the Rhodes family didn’t give young Cody an easy WWE road which is why his recent success is something to be celebrated.

[adinserter block=”1″]The resurrection so to speak of both Cody and Dustin Rhodes is one of the most fascinating stories of 2013. Dustin was on the independent scene, long gone from the WWE while Cody seemed unable to get past the lower-mid card hump a few months ago. Today they are the reigning tag team champions and Cody isn’t taking it for granted.

Cody did some interviews leading up to the Survivor Series pay per view talking about his newfound success with his older brother and answered the question on the top of everyone’s minds. What happened to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond card?

Cody spoke to a couple of outlets, delivering some interesting nuggets to each. Here Cody spoke to Chad Dukes and revealed something I found rather interesting about the return of the white WWE intercontinental title.

Not many people know this; I paid for the title to be recreated. I was refunded, heavily refunded, but I paid to show it to the man and say, ‘Listen, this will get a reaction, that you might not think it will and here’s why,’ you know? And I’m very happy to see it still in existence.

Interesting but kind of odd that a big company like the WWE made Cody go out and pay his own money to bring back the white intercontinental belt. Even more interesting is that they continue to use it yet he paid for it. I think it’s time to reimburse the young Rhodes for his belt.

Cody gave a lot of insight to my good friend and sometime contributor to the Camel Clutch Blog Brian Fritz. Cody talked about his new found success with Dustin and how surprised he is to be in this spot.

I think if anything it’s a shock. Being in his 40’s I didn’t expect him to return with the surge that he returned with. Some people will give you that target age for people in their prime. I can tell you that Dustin is 44 and he’s in his prime. He’s the best he’s even been. He’s doing things he hasn’t done since he was 20-something and he’s as healthy as a horse. For me, it’s just a shock. I never expected to be in a tag-team, nonetheless being the tag-team champions with my brother and that 16-year age difference and the complete opposite ends. Him and I are nothing alike so it’s really just been a fun shock.

Finally and this was the best nugget I have read from anyone in awhile, Cody reveals what happened to the infamous Bed, Bath, and Beyond card that Stephanie McMahon gave to his father Dusty.

Legit, true thing that happened. So much of what we do is entertainment but this is 100% fact: my old man pocketed that gift card. So we never saw it because it was given to us out of spite he thought we wouldn’t want to see it. I don’t know but we never saw it. I think he bought my mom something.

It was a pretty hefty card. It was $500. You can actually do some major damage at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I believe they did. I haven’t been over but if I go over and there’s like a robotic trash can and new slippers and stuff like that … he pocketed it, 100%.”

[adinserter block=”2″]I love it! What a worker! Not quite the same story as Austin Idol cashing in the $10,000 check in the 1980s but just as good. Once a worker, always a worker that Dusty Rhodes is, even working his own son out of the card.

Being a second generation pro wrestler really doesn’t always have many benefits.

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