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CM Punk Was The Right Guy For The WWE Authority Angle

Did the WWE blow it with this Authority/Corporation angle? Declining buyrates show that they have. Daniel Bryan is getting the blame by many but why not Randy Orton? Was there a better choice for the A+ player? I think so.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is nothing I hate more than fantasy booking blogs. Unfortunately I am about to write one. I apologize for those of you that share those same sentiments on fantasy booking. This all started from a couple of tweets over the weekend and wound up turning into a fun conversation on social media I thought I’d import to the blog.

Back to Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan or as Vince McMahon likes to politically say, “creative” was poor and to blame for this angle. Like the angle or not you can’t argue with the numbers. It isn’t working. The buyrates are down, ratings are declining throughout RAW on a weekly basis, and the company is getting bashed in social media more than ever. Why are people so turned off? It is time to take a look at someone other than Daniel Bryan and examine where this all went wrong.

Randy Orton was not the guy for this angle. Don’t get me wrong. I am a big Orton fan. I have written many blogs here pushing for him to be “the guy.” This just isn’t the angle for it. Fans have been waiting for an Orton heel turn for months. It was way too predictable. The heat you need out of this angle isn’t going to come from a guy fans aren’t that invested in. The guy that should have been in Orton’s spot is CM Punk.

Now before you dismiss me as one of those Punk fans on social media who think Punk should run the world let me make one thing clear. I am not a big fan. I have blogged on it and debated it in social media countless times. If you follow the blog you know this. This suggestion is purely about business.

There is nobody as popular as a pure babyface in the WWE as CM Punk. Cena is over, more so than you or I would care to admit, but there is still that fraction of haters out there. Daniel Bryan’s catchphrase is over, but is he really over to the degree of Punk? Again not a fan but I can certainly appreciate that Punk is not only popular, but has a very loyal fan base. This is a loyal fan base that stands against everything that the Authority stands for.

That is where they missed the boat. The WWE could have generated some real, old-school heat by putting Punk in that role. How do you get him there? He could take a similar path as Orton with Money in the Bank. Have Punk cash in after SummerSlam with one difference? He loses.

The next night on RAW Triple H and Stephanie begin to praise and back Punk. Talk about heat moments! The idea of these two corporate heels even having the audacity to say something positive about their hero would be enough to send Punk’s fans over the wall. Punk of course could dismiss this praise with insults to the Authority and a refusal to take their help. Punk would rather die than do business with these clowns…except when it comes to the WWE championship.

Let’s face it. Punk has not been setting the world on fire since he lost to The Rock at the Royal Rumble. He lost to The Undertaker at Mania, lost to Cena on RAW, didn’t win MITB (although in this scenario he would have), has been screwed by Paul Heyman, lost to Brock Lesnar, and isn’t going anywhere. If there is a man that could use some help it is Punk.

Punk and Bryan wrestle at Night of Champions with a similar finish but this time it is Triple H and not The Big Show getting involved. The belt winds up held up again. Finally at Battleground Punk does the unthinkable and accepts Triple H’s assistance, wins the title, and tells the fans to screw off in the process.

The new CM Punk appears on RAW the next night and from here on out in a suit and accepts his new found alliance with the Authority. Triple H and Stephanie tell the fans they gave them what they wanted. Punk tells the fans that being their hero hasn’t gotten him anywhere since losing to The Rock and you have one of the hottest heel acts in years. Imagine the moment when Triple H, Stephanie, and Punk all embrace as compared to Orton and the duo? I’d bet the roof would blow off of the place.

There are a ton of positive residuals you may have gotten of this story.

– You have a true, old-school heel that may actually wind up drawing on the idea that disgusted fans will want to see him get beat.
– Punk finally gets the endorsement he has needed all along from the McMahon family as being a “money player.” Perception is reality and up until now he was never promoted as an elite star. From here on out Punk is now a top guy the way that Cena and Orton are.
– Daniel Bryan is now over! Daniel Bryan will now have some real sympathetic heat. Not only did the company turn on him but the guy who was thought to be his friend. On top of that it is clearly established that Punk can’t beat Bryan up to this point without the help of the Authority (or any help for that matter if you bring up their last series in which he was managed by Paul Heyman). Nobody can tell you for sure whether Bryan would have truly been able to draw off of this but I think there would have been a much better chance than the way things turned out. All I know is that Bryan would have gotten some super sympathetic heat here. Whether it would have turned into money or not is up for debate.
– Punk would have some serious heat heading up to WrestleMania. I don’t know if the company would have had the guts to go with Punk vs. Cena at Mania. If by some stretch the WWE were able to get Steve Austin to agree to wrestle Punk, the match would now make more sense than just throwing it together.

[adinserter block=”2″]Mania but I can’t imagine a bigger match with anyone in the company in that spot. It also would have been hard to boo Cena in a match vs. Punk when Cena is fighting the guy representing the corporation.
All I am saying here is that I think this angle could have worked with the right guy. They had that right guy right under their noses but they were either too ignorant or dumb to realize it. The problems here all lie with creative with the biggest problem…their lack of creativity.

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