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CM Punk Should Be Condemned, Not Supported For Walking Out

It didn’t take long for CM Punk fans to start a revolt at WWE events. There were multiple reports of fans chants and signs commandeering the NXT tapings days after Punk walked which begs the question. What are they exactly supporting here?

I tweeted out this question immediately after the reports hit the Internet and received a number of responses that agreed with my sentiments. Not everyone did however. Some argued and accused me of overreacting. They asked what was wrong with supporting CM Punk? I still don’t understand how you can support a man who not only quit, but walked out with no notice leaving his peers and fans high and dry.

Hey don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with anyone quitting their job. It is his right to work or not work and nobody should force him to do anything different. However, as more details surface about his leaving a picture is being painted of a very selfish individual. Why is CM Punk being treated any differently from fans and peers than predecessors that were criticized for doing the same thing before him?

So far this is what we know. Punk’s contract was up in July. All reports indicated that he had no intentions of re-signing. The way that pro wrestling works like it or not is that you put guys over on the way out, no matter who you are. Batista, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and Chris Jericho did it. Anything less is unprofessional and disrespectful to the business and talent that did the same for you along the way. CM Punk broke that code.

Speculation is that Punk was unhappy with his spot against Triple H on WrestleMania, preferring to be in the championship picture. The writing was on the wall and there is little doubt that Punk would have been looking at the lights. Instead of doing business, Punk walked. A year ago he may have had a right to feel this way. Three months before he is leaving the company for an extended hiatus, maybe permanent, he is just acting like a spoiled brat.

Why would the WWE book him any differently knowing he is leaving? Why would Triple H put him over knowing he is leaving? How does that benefit the company unless he is staying? Why in the world would they put him in the main-event and push him knowing he is walking? Only Dixie Carter would be dumb enough to do that and she did just that with AJ Styles. I just can’t understand how anyone can support this and think differently (other than loyal Punk fans and even more loyal Hunter haters).

CM Punk should be condemned by fans and the locker room. When stars like Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels walked out in the past, they weres the most vilified men in the locker room. Brock and Shawn walked out and didn’t put anyone over. Punk should show up to work every day barring injury and put over the Wyatts, the Shield, Antonio Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, and anyone else he is asked to the same way guys put him over the last couple of years.

This groundswell of fan support for a guy who has a worst reputation when asked for autograph by fan than anyone I can recall is without merit. He doesn’t deserve it. These same fans will boo a guy like Randy Orton who publicly tells his fans to approach him for autographs and yet hold up signs for a guy that publicly asks them to stay away from him at the gym. Something doesn’t add up here.

If CM Punk thinks that he is screwing the WWE his ego is bigger than I thought. Business will go on and not one person will stop watching because he is gone. The only people really getting screwed here are the guys in the locker room, his brothers-in-arms, who aren’t getting what they rightly deserve from a guy who got his from everyone else. For that he should be condemned, not supported by wrestling fans.

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