CM Punk To Walk Out With Chael Sonnen At UFC On Fox 2


CM PunkArguably the best talker in pro wrestling will be teaming up with the best talker in MMA on national television. WWE champion CM Punk will accompany UFC star Chael Sonnen to the ring at his upcoming fight on Fox television.

[ad 6]The news broke last night as Chael Sonnen revealed that Punk would be accompanying him for his fight against Mark Munoz on January 28. Punk was given off for the night and will miss his scheduled date in Evansville, IN for the gig.

The original reports indicated that Punk would be in Sonnen’s corner. A new report states that Punk will only walk out with the self proclaimed UFC middleweight champion in Chicago.

I am really not quite sure what to make of this deal yet. It is fantastic publicity for the WWE, getting their champion in front of arguably the biggest MMA audience of the year. I am not sure how much the UFC will capitalize here on Punk. As popular as Punk is with his pro wrestling fanbase, he hasn’t exactly been bringing in the ratings on RAW lately.

For Chael Sonnen it is a brilliant move. The fight will be taking place in Chicago, IL. Punk has become a big sports celebrity in Chicago and his beloved by the city. Chael immediately makes him a babyface to the crowd by putting their hero in his corner. Now whether the UFC or Sonnen want a crowd of 20,000 people chanting for the WWE wrestler over the UFC fighter is another story.

This isn’t the first time that the WWE have allowed their wrestlers to corner fighters. Dave Batista corned Manny Pacquiao and Triple H has cornered Floyd Mayweather in the past. I can’t recall anyone as high profile of a WWE superstar as Punk cornering anyone at a UFC event, although I could be wrong on that one.

[adinserter block=”1″]Something tells me that one microphone won’t be enough for these two.

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