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CM Punk Talks WWE Writing Team, John Cena, The Rock, and More

CM Punk Comic ConCM Punk is making headlines this week but not for what he’s done inside of the ring. The WWE champion made some interesting comments during a recent Q & A at Comic Con that let’s just say may not be sitting too well in the offices of Titan Towers.

[adinserter block=”2″]Punk dropped some “pipe bombs” so to speak at a recent Wizards World Q & A as part of Comic Con. Punk was asked a number of questions by the live audience that provoked some interesting responses from the world champion. Here are some highlights, one in particular that is making waves today.

Punk made some blatant comments about his confidence in the WWE writing team which are sure to ruffle some feathers in the WWE offices. Punk was asked about how far in advance he knows where he is going in the storylines and he offered a fun, yet controversial response.

Trust me when I tell you that [the writers] have no idea what they’re doing. I’m sure somebody will rev that up and it’ll be on the internet and somebody will be like, ‘You know, you shouldn’t have said that.’

The response is hilarious and the worst fears are die-hard WWE fans. It also comes just a few weeks after Chris Jericho told an interviewer that there was no planning done with his last storyline and the Loser Leaves WWE stipulation was booked only hours before RAW. Quite frankly I don’t think that this answer is a big surprise, although it is not something you hear every day from top guys in a pro wrestling company.

I would suspect someone else getting buried or punished for this remark but not Punk. Right now he has the clout to say whatever he wants. The WWE isn’t in a good enough place to punish Punk and push someone else in his spot. Now down the line Punk may see some repercussions, but I wouldn’t expect any in the near future.

Punk was also asked about his favorite or least favorite opponents. Punk offered an interesting name in regards to the wrestler who he thinks he has had the best matches with.

I think John Cena is going to wind up when my career is said and done being my best opponent. I’d like to think when his career is said and done that I might wind up being his best opponent, too. He’s right up there with Rey Mysterio. I love wrestling those guys.

That surprises me because I don’t think of Punk vs. Cena as any kind of historic rivalry. Their match at Money in the Bank 2011 was undoubtedly special. However, I don’t think it was the match as it was the circumstances surrounding it that made the match such a classic. I would have expected Rey Mysterio but that’s his opinion.

He was also asked about future pipe bombs and who he would like to drop one on next.

Well, I don’t know when he’s coming back but Dwayne. I’m not going to be gentle like Cena was. You know what I mean? It’s live TV, anything can happen. I’m looking very much forward to it, to doing stuff with him. I’m running out of people that do interest me to work with. So, I’m looking forward to that.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is some real fun potential here. I always felt that The Rock vs. John Cena WrestleMania 28 build up never lived up to the expectations they both set with their confrontations leading up to WrestleMania 27. WWE officials were obviously worried about either going too hard on the other, specifically The Rock going too hard on Cena. I can’t imagine that they have those same kinds of fears when it comes to Punk and Rock.

All in all this was a pretty fun Q & A and certainly not the typical cookie-cutter discussion you generally see from polished WWE employees. Watch the whole thing below and see what else Punk had to say on a variety of other topics.

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