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CM Punk Talks WWE Politics, His Name in UFC, and More

CM Punk remains a hot topic in both the UFC and WWE worlds. recently spent some time with Punk who offered some interesting reflections on his time in the WWE.

[adinserter block=”2″]Punk continues to keep his name fresh in the press as he trains for a UFC debut that has yet to be scheduled. Plenty of skeptics (including myself) are starting to take the former WWE champ seriously as he continues to endure an indefinite training camp. Punk may not be any closer to the UFC octagon than he was a month ago but he remains one of the most quotable fighters on the roster. shadowed Punk for a couple of days and hit on a variety of topics with the former WWE star. Punk’s reflections on his past career as a WWE superstar remain fascinating as he continues to try and make sense of what appears to be a very crazy time in his life.

I think at some point in my wrestling career, I took myself way too seriously, and I took the wrestling business way too seriously,” he reflects. “It probably helped sour me on the whole process. It probably helped burn me out.

That is a very interesting quote as Punk has been accused by peers of taking himself too seriously going back to the independents. I am sure his obsession contributed to the burnout, yet at the same time you have to think he would never have been as successful without that desire.

For the longest time [in] what I did, the competition wasn’t that clean-cut,” he reflects on his WWE tenure. “It didn’t matter if you were the best. There’s slimy backstage politics, there’s always somebody trying to undercut you. To me, there’s something romantic about just you and another guy locked inside a cage and the better man wins. In that time and space, nothing else matters. I definitely think it can be f*cking scary, but I like embracing the things that scare me.

This is not surprising as Punk was highly outspoken about this on his infamous Art of Wrestling appearance as well as several times throughout his tenure as a WWE wrestler. It certainly doesn’t seem like he misses it does he?

Nobody calls Rampage ‘Quinton Jackson.’ Nobody calls Korean Zombie whatever the f*ck his real name is,” to inferring judgment and remarking, “I think there’s people who are negative for the sake of being negative and that’s just something they can pick on. Who gives a sh*t? Who cares?”

“I understand all the negativity, but I only have so many goes around the sun. I’m gonna capitalize on everything I can, and I’m gonna be the best at whatever I can.

[adinserter block=”1″]Punk took some criticism early on by MMA fans for not dropping the CM Punk name. I always thought that was ridiculous as Phil Brooks is a lot less marketable than CM Punk in the UFC. At the end of the day, it’s a business and he is certainly not the first guy to use a moniker.

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