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CM Punk Says Conor McGregor Hurt A Lot of Feelings

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Conor McGregor vs. the WWE was one of the strangest stories of the year. It wasn’t so much what McGregor said but the WWE superstars’ responses to the UFC champ that had people scratching their heads, including CM Punk.

Punk is on his way to his first UFC fight at UFC 203 and is doing a lot of media to promote the debut. Punk was asked recently about the situation and offered a lot of interesting insight given he has been on both sides of this story.

It’s a hard thing to comment on, you know, because the amount of people who responded to him made me feel like they were told to respond to him,” Punk said on a UFC 203 pre-fight conference call.

“You know, he’s the biggest name in sports at the moment, you know.

That is one of the more interesting dynamics of the story. The amount of WWE stars who responded to McGregor was stunning to say the least. At some point you had to wonder if they were all being told to respond. Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline.com speculated that they all responded on their own. Yet it was quite coincidental that all responses had and continue the same theme of attacking McGregor’s size.

There’s always grey areas when you involve that whole scene and you’re wondering is this a work, is it not a work. A lot of feelings were hurt though, I can tell you that much,” Punk said.

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Again citing Meltzer, he reported on several podcasts that there were no current deals in the works between McGregor and WWE. Meltzer felt that McGregor putting Vince McMahon over was more of an indication that there was no deal. Meltzer felt that if a deal was in place, Vince would insist on being bashed by McGregor and this was more a case of McGregor throwing out a line, seeing the responses, and then feeding off of it in hopes of promoting his fight with Nate Diaz.

I thought it was a little strange. You got to leave the emotion out of it. These guys still don’t know.

Something in McGregor’s comments hit a nerve. I still don’t quite know what it was but the company because almost obsessed with responding to McGregor, taking shots at his size making them all look quite foolish in my opinion. Punk is a guy who has played similar games in the past so I have to think that there was a part of him that found the entire situation comical.

At least I did.

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