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Updated: CM Punk Reportedly Almost Quit Before WrestleMania

The CM Punk rumor mill is heating up following his WWE exit on Monday Night RAW. A new report indicates that Punk walking out of the WWE could have been more fact than scripted television fiction.

[adinserter block=”1″]Mike Johnson at reports that a huge blowup between Punk and WWE Creative almost led to Punk quitting the WWE a few weeks ago. Punk reportedly worked out the issue with “top WWE officials”. The disagreement coincided with Punk being pulled from live events during that time period.

This report comes several weeks after Dave Meltzer on his podcast told a similar story. Dave in his usual mysterious ways touched on the story without giving details. Meltzer mentioned at the time that there were big issues with Punk and creative but never mentioned anything about Punk quitting. That is a new twist to the story coming from Johnson.

Once word broke of this story the social media world heated up with thoughts on the situation. What you have to understand about the social media world is that Punk’s fan base is very active on social media, so it was generally supportive. Punk’s supporters generally felt that the WWE would be greatly hurt without him and they were lucky he stayed.

I know a lot of Punk fans read this blog but I am going to warn you, I completely disagree with most of you. Punk leaving the WWE would be a big blow to his fans, no doubt about it. However, Punk is not a big draw. He gets big pops but he doesn’t move the needle on RAW unless he is with John Cena or The Rock and hasn’t made any big differences in the ratings. It’s just a fact.

The thing you have to remember about Punk and his fans and he has a lot of them is that the vast majority of his fans watch RAW and buy the pay per views anyway. These are hardcore fans. These aren’t fans specifically buying or watching for him. If that was the case he would have been a game changer following Money in the Bank 2011. He hasn’t and as much as he is a big part of the show, he isn’t bringing new fans with him.

The other point I want to make here is that the timing of the story is greatly coincidental to his current storyline. Is it just coincidence that a story about Punk almost quitting the WWE comes out the same time he walks out on RAW? Punk will be taking some well deserved time off to heal his injuries. What better way to stir the pot and add some credibility to his storyline. In other words my hunch is that Punk is working the “sheets.”

Take a look back at Money in the Bank 2011 and all of the things that were “reported” about Punk and his contract in the months leading up to the show. Was Punk’s contract really coming up? Maybe, but after everything was all said and done I was convinced more than ever that Punk exaggerated that story and leaked it to the “sheets” to set up the angle. Let’s be honest. All of those reports about Punk turned out to be false when he showed back up less than two weeks later. I think this is a case of the exact same thing.

[adinserter block=”2″]Punk worked the independent scene for a long time and has a lot of friends there. I am sure he made many connections to news sites and writers during that time period. It would be much easier for someone like him with those connections to leak and work a story than someone like a John Cena or Triple H. It’s very plausible.

I’ll take these Punk rumors with a grain of salt. Do I believe that there were issues with Punk and creative? Sure I do believe it. Do I believe he had any intentions of really quitting? Not for a second. Do I believe that his absence will or would hurt the WWE? Sorry but I don’t.

Update: I wanted to clarify a few things in the blog. One, I didn’t have all of the information on Mike’s story. Bad job out of me. According to the actual story, Punk threatened to quit after finishing up at WrestleMania. I got that wrong and I apologize.

The other thing is I don’t want anyone to confuse what I am saying. I am not saying that Mike is Punk’s shill. I don’t believe that for a second. I’ve known Mike since 1992 and he has much more integrity than that. What I am suggesting is that he plants stories through his “sources” to work his angles. Keep in mind that this was only a hunch of mine and I am not saying for a second I know this for a fact. I just look back at the facts and that a lot of these stories generally coincide with an angle. Again knowing Mike since 1992 I should have used clearer language there and I apologize to him for that.

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  1. Ironic that CM Punk is the first person to piss and moan about Triple-H, Kevin Nash, The Rock and John Cena being politicians, yet he pulls all the same tricks they allegedly pull and he regularly pulls this childish, unprofessional crap to boot. He was Champion for over a year, he got to wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania, he is one of the highest earners in WWE. What more does he want? WWE persevered with him for what seemed like eternity despite the fact that he is a useless draw. He should consider himself lucky. And of course he leaks things to the "dirt sheets". He is a geek and nerd, or perhaps social media savvy and astute is a kinder way to put it. He utilises his computer, comic book and video game savvy fanbase to garner all this misleading hype about him but what does it mean in the grand scheme of things for WWE? It's all well and good manipulating your core fanbase for career gain but he has completely lacked the personability, professionalism and mass appeal to bring in new fans of all creeds the same way a John Cena, Brock Lesnar or Rock has done. That's what separates CM Punk from the big boys.

  2. I'd like to know what you are basing this statement on:

    "However, Punk is not a big draw. He gets big pops but he doesn’t move the needle on RAW unless he is with John Cena or The Rock and hasn’t made any big differences in the ratings. It’s just a fact."

    I'm not trying to be accusatory or to challenge your point in any way. I would just like to know what information or data source this is based off of.

    • Well a few places. I look at the ratings every week and the quarter hours. Unless he is closing the show with Cena or in a Cena or Rock segment, he doesn't do well. Those are documented numbers you can read anywhere. Has he moved the business needle at all since he became the #2 guy? I look at buyrates and they say no. I mean these are all numbers that are public.

      Thanks for asking. It is certainly a fair question.

  3. Raw would most certainly hurt without Punk. It has nothing to do with ratings(since nobody is a ratings grabber these days, The Rock barely was), but Punk always makes for compelling, entertaining tv. He also sells a butt-load of merch, which the wwe cares about.


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