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CM Punk Punches A Fan, But It Could Have Been Worse

cm punkCM Punk is making the news on Tuesday for a punch threw. Unfortunately for him the punch in question isn’t in regards to a punch he threw at a fellow WWE superstar but instead, a punch he threw at an innocent fan in the stands.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Internet is going wild with this story and for a good reason. It is big news in and out of pro wrestling that the WWE champion punched an innocent fan. It is even bigger news in 2012 when the whole thing was captured on video both on live television and by fans who later posted the clips on You Tube.

It all went down at the end of what I’d call a pretty good edition of Monday Night RAW. Punk went into the crowd as Vince McMahon cut a promo on him inside of the ring. Punk stood in the stands as fans surrounded him. A few rowdy fans pushed the world champion who responded by nailing a fan and breaking his glasses. The problem is that the fan Punk nailed was innocent and never laid a hand on the world champion.

Early reports don’t look good for the WWE superstar. The fan according to one reporter was seen filing a police report. This is not good for Punk. Punk hitting an innocent man could land him in a big deal of legal trouble. Even worse is that the incident is caught on video which shows that this fan did nothing wrong. The incident is a big black eye on Punk, pro wrestling, and the WWE. For a company that takes pride in their anti-bullying campaign, this could be a major blow.

I have been around pro wrestling for a long time and I would be lying if I told you that I never saw a pro wrestler hit a fan. In ECW I saw plenty of fans get hit, although to be fair to the wrestler the fans always asked for it and were generally pumped up on beer muscles. But this is not ECW in front of 800 people in Jim Thorpe, PA. This is the WWE on live television in front of millions of fans. For Punk to do this at all is just stupid. For Punk to do this during a live television broadcast makes him either the dumbest man on earth or the most arrogant.

I never liked the idea of pro wrestlers, specifically WWE stars going out into the crowd. It is a recipe for disaster. The idea that the top heel in the company would go into the crowd without being surrounded by security is just asking for trouble. The whole point of being a heel is to get the fans to hate you. What do they expect? Quite frankly they have been very lucky nothing worse has happened at this point. The barrier surrounds the ring for a reason.

Vince McMahon was reportedly furious at Punk after the incident. The WWE reaction to this is going to be a huge story in itself. What can they really do? With no Cena, the WWE would be shooting itself in the foot if it suspended Punk right now. Firing Punk is out of the question, although quite frankly he really should be fired. Could the WWE live without Punk? Absolutely they can, it isn’t as if he is a big draw anyway. But do they really want to put themselves in the position of being without a top heel or babyface for the interim? The public backlash may be so big that Vince will have no other choice but to take drastic action. Remember, his wife is in the heat of a senate race and if this story drips into her opponent’s narrative, it could get ugly for everyone.

Punk swinging without even looking is about as irresponsible as it gets. What if a child happened to wander over to the area? What if a lady or elderly fan happened to be walking past the area in question? Punk blindly throwing a swinging backfist is probably the dumbest thing he could have done in that situation. Again is he that dumb or just arrogant to the point where he could care less who he hit?

[adinserter block=”1″]At the end of the day you really have to feel for the fan that got hit. It has to be a scary moment to absorb a full punch from a pro wrestler not knowing it was coming. This isn’t what he paid for and quite frankly it could be anyone that buys a ticket to see WWE wrestling. Punk should know better and as a professional, it is inexcusable. As bad as this thing can get, it could have been much worse if it turned into a full scale riot. Punk could have gotten beaten down by dozens of fans, innocent kids could have been caught in the middle of a brawl, and it could have been really bad.

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  1. Punk never swung blindly. Anyone watching the full video knows he was looking behind him constantly, saw it was all men, and the guy he hit was hassling him.

  2. Things got real, just like with Lawler's unfortunate heart attack…. Blame Vince McMahon and the board…. They had absolutely no excuse to turn Punk heel just for John Cena, u write the scripts and uv clearly gttn the best CM Punk has to offer…. You shouldv let him stay a fan favourite coz guess what, we still like him more than ur beloved Cena

  3. no excuses–he did not even look behind him–that could have been anyone he hit. if he has this little control with fans you know he can't be trusted with other wrestlers. he needs to be punished.

  4. This is not news, he has every right to retaliate and if fans weren't so eager to have their 5 seconds on camera and just leave the "talent" alone…the "talent" in question would not have to defend himself. FYI, I have seen other wrestlers do much worse to fans outside the ring when fans get involved, YOUTUBE Kevin Nash beats up fan or Scott Steiner beats up fan for examples. CM Punk was within his rights, if he hit the wrong guy apologize, give him some free tickets to a show, call and apologize and all should be forgotten.

  5. He just retaliated. He got slapped in the back, pushed twice and the “innocent” fan elbowed (:38 of second video) him in the back of the head and pretended like it wasn’t him.

  6. Sorry, but I fail to see how this has anything to do with the WWE's "Anti-Bullying" campaign. Bad situation? Yes. The fan will settle out of court for a monetary sum, Punk may find himself suspended by the company as a public relations move and then have to "work" his way back up the ladder.

  7. This is better than the Kennedy Assassination theories!

    Dude behind the victim definitely slapped Punk on the head, no doubt.

  8. It was the guy in the in the long sleeve white shirt that hit slapped him in the head. He was giving Punk the bird behind his head and then slapped him. His arm was reaching underneath the guy with glasses. The guy with the glasses didn't touch him. Check out the fan video and see for yourself.

    • The Guy that gets hit has it comming to him. Watch the video 2nd fan video and you can clearly see him hit CM Punk twice. Just watch him and see what he does the whole video. I would have opened up a can of Whoop A$$ on him. That fan got off easy.

  9. Watch the second video very closely. Punk gets shoved several times, apparently by multiple offenders. There is a guy in a white shirt/jersey standing behind the guy Punk hit. It looks to me like the ws/j guy reached under the "victim's" arm and shoved Punk, at which point Punk turns and looks at the victim. The victim raises his arms as if to say, "Wasn't me, bro.'" Then, when Punk turns back to face the ring, the ws/j guy reaches under the victim's arm again, gives the finger, then slaps Punk on the back of the head, and at the same time, you can see the victim sort-of lunge forward as if pushed in the middle of his back, causing his forearm to hit Punk.__There's lots of blame to go around here. Punk should have controlled himself (although you could make the argument that he believed he was defending himself), WWE has to have security ready to protect its employee (Punk), which it did not. I lay most of the blame at the feet of the sneaky little coward in the white

    • Yea, I feel that if you put your hands on me, then whether I'm a superstar or not I'm going to put my hands back on you. If CM Punk isn't provided security, is he really expected to just be pushed and slapped constantly by fans without reacting? What would you do if you were him?

  10. Watch right when the guy with the sunglasses has his arms up, the guy right behind him in a white shirt sneaks his hand under the sunglasses guy's arms and pushes CM punk's head!…So therefore CM punk hit the wrong guy…..

  11. I just think that most people in that situation would've done something or lashed out a bit. Even me and i'm disabled. I remember when someone shoved right through my arm when i was holding on to my sisters hand and nearly injured it. My sister went for his throat and her friend twisted his nipple. I just think, it's actually pretty normal human behaviour to lash out a bit if your being shoved off stairs and hit and slapped. It could've been worse…punk could've taken a tumble and cracked his head on the stairs. I'd be raging at security, the reason i don't think they were there was because of the camera shot, they were probably told to stay out of the camera or something.

  12. OK, so how do I put this and not sound like a Punk apologist. This was a bad situation for him to be in. You can see in the video that this is more than someone bumping into him. He is flat out shoved twice before the incident occurs. The last time he is hit, a guy in a white shirt gives him the finger and then smacks him in the back of the head and then ducks behind the guy that got hit. While I don't agree with what Punk did, he was more than bumped into. If I am out somewhere and am straight up shoved multiple times, there is probably goign to be a strong reaction from me. I think he got put into a bad spot. I agree that there should definitely have been security around him.

  13. this post is terrible how inaccurate is this cm punk saw the guy who pushed from behind just before going for him look closely and see before blaming CM Punk The guy who got hit actually nudges cm with his shoulders while they were up Cm Punk is not to blame …

    • CM Punk not to blame? Are you serious? So the next time you get bumped by someone at an event you are going to throw a spinning backfist? Seriously, there is everything wrong with his actions. He was pushed into Punk. And so what? Punk was nudged? That doesn't give him the right to punch a fan.

      The fan also put his hands up as to say, "Hey I was knocked into you." Give me a break. I wonder if you'd feel the same way if that was you who got innocently caught up in the melee.

      • That's not the reason why he hit him though, he turned round when he was shoved and gave the guy a look, but it was when the guy was raising his sunglasses, he thought he'd give punk a slap on the head. And that's why punk went for him. The guy thought he'd get away with it, and he didn't. He didn't just get bumped once, he shoved off the steps twice…it's on these concrete stairs, it's dangerous. Accidents happen and people fall down and crack their head open and die ok, so it's not just a 'bump'.

        • I think with CM punk being a professional wrestler, with all the dangerous stunts they pull week in and week out, being pushed on concrete stairs and falling and cracking his head and dying is the least of his worries….LMAO

        • The guy Punk hit never shoved him. There's a teenage kid on the left in a Brock Lesnar shirt with colored wraps around his hands that shoves Punk twice. Then a guy in a grey t-shirt slaps Punk in the head. He hit the wrong guy.

  14. "The problem is that the fan Punk nailed was innocent and never laid a hand on the world champion."

    actually, on the last video you posted you can see that, as the fan is about to put on the glasses, he nudges Punk's head as he raises his hands.

    of course that doesn't excuse Punk or anything but it should be pointed out

    • It appears the fan was pushed into him. The biggest problem here is the WWE allowing him to go into the crowd without protection. He shouldn't get that close to fans. I go to concerts and sporting events and sometimes people bump into you by mistake. I don't nail them with a spinning backfist.

      • That's not true. There's a guy in a grey t-shirt that is flipping Punk the bird. He's standing behind the guy in the black t-shirt putting on the glasses. He slides his hand under the arm of the guy putting on his glasses and slaps Punk in the head.

        C.M. Punk blasted the wrong guy. Watch the clip in full-screen.

    • actually as everyone can plainly see the guy putting on glasses is nudge from behind and as he is nudge he tries to brace himself (natural response) by bringing his arms down which innocently hits punk. Also you can see that the crowd was doing what crowds do, trying to get closer to the action like fans at a concert that try to get close to the stage. people are constanlty pushing from behind. So not only is punk responsible for being a tool (I think if he did that to me I would have physically responding see that he really doesnt look that big) but the people responsible for sending him into the crowd as part of the show would now be liable cause they didnt provide proper barricade which allowed the incident to happen.


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