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CM Punk Leaving The WWE Was The Right Move

The sudden news concerning CM Punk and whether her actually left the WWE or was released or he and Vince McMahon had words before the Monday night Raw program has left me feeling an emptiness deep inside myself that won’t seem to leave.

For everything the WWE is, Punk and his sudden “departure” from the company proves time and again that in this “business” called wrestling no one man (or woman) is bigger than the promotion with the exception of McMahon himself. Others have tried to “be’’ the WWE, names like Hogan, Flair, The Rock, Austin, Michaels, Hart and Triple H. Try as they might for various reasons and through various attempts – all fail in comparison.

Add Punk to that list.

Make no mistake, this is not like the “pipe bomb” he delivered in 2011 or the time he took off from the ring after WrestleMania XXIV, only to return and feud with Paul Heyman. This was expected by some and shocking to most like vanishing into thin air. The WWE loses one of its most controversial and popular wrestlers along the way with a crew of lost script writers and owner hoping the likes of Sheamus can fill Punk’s boots right now until everything within the company settles down so the plans for Elimination Chamber and then WrestleMania XXX can continue as planned.

We know now that will not include a potential Punk vs, Triple H match – one that has been bantered about backstage and on wrestling websites for some time. The truth is – and I hate to say it – two things could have contributed to this other than the signing of Batista and the re-emergence of Brock Lesnar within the company.

First, there has been longstanding discussions that Punk wasn’t going to wrestle much longer. Whether that meant now or in the future, I had read before he did not or was not going to wrestle much longer than 35 years of age. Punk will be 36 in October.

Second, he has always been outspoken about policy and the WWE and whether or not he was well paid by the WWE, he challenged authority and walked on the edge of the envelope many, many times. He was our answer to Steve Austin and Randy Savage and how things were to be done in Stamford. At times, he proved he loved his work by hating it all in one and when there was a microphone within his eyesight, there was no one better.

Third, the WWE was not going to allow him to be champion any time soon. Batista, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Kane and Bray Wyatt were going to make sure of that. Then you have someone like Roman Reigns and a Dean Ambrose and maybe E Langston and where oh where would Punk, John Cena and Daniel Bryan be in the swimming pool? The WWE wants characters like Punk to emerge or remain stationary and Punk, being the longest tenured champion of the modern era, would not stand for something like that.

Punk also had fallen behind Cena and Daniel Bryan in line for a title shot. While Bryan deserves a long reign with the strap, Punk verses either one of them is more inviting than having the three of them stand together. And a mad Punk chasing a title, as I have said in months past and on other sites, is better than a guy being asked to rile the crowds and become a cheerleader of sorts. The angles with the Wyatts and The Shield could have been brilliant – but the WWE chose to go in another direction.

Let’s face it, Punk’s time in the WWE was numbered. Too many changes, too many differences and too many people in his way. For a man who has been declared to be his own man and a lone wolf, living up to the establishment was not the way for him to follow.

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