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CM Punk Leaves The WWE Indefinitely

CM Punk has lost his smile. Punk is taking a leave of absence from the WWE that could turn into a permanent vacation. The era of Punk in the WWE may officially be over as he has been removed from all shows indefinitely.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dave Meltzer reports on that Punk informed Vince McMahon before RAW on Monday that he was going home. Meltzer didn’t have much more than that other than to speculate that Punk may not come back since Punk’s contract expires in July anyway.

The move comes at a very odd time of the year for a WWE superstar. This is generally the time of the year for a guy like Punk to cash in on a WrestleMania payoff. Punk was slotted for a high spot on the card against Triple H. The match has reportedly been scrapped and Punk’s swan song may wind up being the Royal Rumble.

I don’t want to say I told you so but I speculated that something like this could happen when the Network was announced. I pontificated that with Mania on the network that pay per view bonuses would either end or dramatically increase. I also speculated that a top guy could wind up simply walking out of frustration. The stakes are not nearly as big as they used to be.

Punk even alluded to this during a recent interview on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. Punk was asked about the Network and made a comment to Helwani about his bonus. If you remember, Punk took a leave of absence last year as well. The difference was that Punk did it the day after Mania and cashed out with a nice bonus. There is no reason to wait this year.

Is this just Punk pandering for a new deal or is he really gone? I think this is 100% on the up and up. There were reports that Punk was in for a big push this summer as long as he stayed. Punk has reportedly saved his money and doesn’t need to put up with the headaches for financial reasons. I think he is gone and I think you’ll see him pop up all over the convention circuit when his contract expires this summer.

How big of a hole does this leave the WWE? They are definitely going to take a hit on his merchandise but overall I don’t think it is as big as some people will make it out to be. What this does is open up the door for Daniel Bryan to get that push that people want. Unfortunately for Punk the timing is not on his side here as they have a guy ready to take his spot. The cost of losing Punk may be getting that big Bryan push their mutual fans have been waiting for.

[adinserter block=”2″]The rumor is that the plan for WrestleMania will shift towards a Bryan vs. Triple H match. I think that is a better idea anyway. Extreme Rules is in Seattle so maybe they add a stipulation where Bryan gets a title shot at Extreme Rules if he wins? Regardless I am sure the match will be red hot and I can’t imagine anyone having a problem with the backup plan.

Update: has a report that Punk left over being angry that Batista got the WWE title match at WrestleMania and not him. The report further states that Punk was upset with his booking and allegedly felt that Batista wasn’t in great shape.

That just seems odd to me. We all knew for weeks that Batista was scheduled to come back and win the Rumble. Punk quitting over that just seems ridiculous. Punk hasn’t been positioned for a while to be in the top Mania spot. That said, if Punk was promised the spot that is another thing altogether. To each their own but it sounds rather petty on the surface.

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  1. He IS petty lol He's a selfish little punk, who isn't as good as he's made everyone believe. Never like him, glad he's gone (but for that matter I haven't watched anything but the ppvs for the last 3 years anyways cuz wwe is junk). He looks like a homeless man (so does bryan) – is it any wonder he's not the face of wwe? (GOD I hate that term). Noe Randy Savage can stop turning in his grave at some should be jobber stealing pops ALL THE TIME for his move! The Rumble was garbage (terrible way to start the new year) the older older older stars (Hogan) can't wrestle, the somewhat older older star (Taker, Sting) are almost done for good , the older older stars (Rock, Tips, Austin) have come to the end and the older stars' (Cena, Batista, Lesnar, Angle) time is up… With NO new stars and quite frankly the possibility of a household name wrestler NEVER happening again – wwe is dying a slow death. I would be surprised in the company is in dire straits again within 5 years – dark days are ahead….for no, we're onto Humiliation Chamber.

  2. Punk has had a bee in his bonnet for quite a while. He has been the 'punching bag' of the Shield, the Wyatts. He woudl rightly expect a toss up between he and Bryant for Wrestlemania, but with Batista returning, Roman Riegns emerging as a possible sole player/leader in his own right ( and this is somethign that is long overdue. A possible fight between he and Ambrose for leadership that results in the breakdown of the Shield and an ongoing feud between he and Rollins/Ambrose). the storylines are almost infinite.
    Roman needs to be let lose form the Shield, maybe a reunion later or to "help" his former team mates?

    Whatever the case, The win by Batista was pretty lame really. With the OBVIOUS support for Roman by the crowd, and no doubt the WWE Universe, it is imperative the WWE give him this opportunity.

    As for Punk, I think he has sour grapes. Roman is going to shoot to the top, his popularity is waning thanks to Bryant and Roman. I suspect he was verbally told he had a spot at Wrestlmania but was then told no? His little feud with Kane isn't helping things.

    • Wait. Spolied? Do know how hard it is to actually make it in that business!?!? How is his boot on the poor you hater? Sounds like you need to go to Jelly school! Mmmmk?

    • Wow. Jealous much? How can he have his boot on the poor brosef? I think your emotions are out of place. As for the 1%, Punk ain't no where near the top 1% bro, even if he was what business is it of yours what he does with his career? Obama much?

      • Obama much?

        Misplaced adlib, stay on topic.

        I wish him well and I hope he finds whatever it is he is looking for and I thank him for the years of entertainment he has given me. That spot where he held the belt above Cena replacement belt was one of the best spots ever and John put him over well.

  3. Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX should have been the plan all along. Daniel Bryan will finally get comeuppance against The Authority. The best case scenario is Bryan beating Triple H at Wrestlemania. The worst case scenario is Triple H beating Bryan at Wrestlemania which leads to Bryan beating Triple H at Extreme Rules.

  4. Hey, the way the WWE is being ran these days, good for punk! Take care of you and yours man. No need to be a pawn at the whim of the McMahons, particularly HHH. Good talent in the WWE but they are bullied and past over. Barrett, Ziggler and yes McIntyre are just a few to mention. Too bad the superstars don't have more control over their own characters. Mister Kennedy went to TNA and rose to the top on his own. HHH would not let him do his own thing. Just an example. Everyone loved him as Mister Anderson….wait for it…..ANDERSON!!!!!

    • I don't totally disagree with you except for the superstars having more control. If that happened, then we would see another WcW, which is what killed that company…too many cooks in the kitchen and too many people worried about themselves and not what's best for business.

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