CM Punk Leaves, John Cena Loses His Spot and Other WWE Notes


This is where we hope the wrestling gods are playing games with us and the rumors all over the Internet are just that – a rumor – CM Punk is not leaving the WWE for good.

[adinserter block=”1″]Right now, your guess is as good as mine. But if this is part of a plot, then it better work better than any the WWE has ever attempted.

In other words, playing with Punk is no laughing matter and if the former WWE Champion is leaving the company, then wrestling is losing one of its best talkers and performers. And the WWE Universe will lose one of its biggest heroes.

We have seen this all too often with other wrestlers (including Punk) in the past like Hogan and AJ Styles and Ric Flair and even Sting to some extent – the greats leaving for some time, leaving us all in limbo. This time, however, based on his past performance, the fact he was not on Monday Night Raw following the Royal Rumble and the idea that there might be too many eggs in the WWE basket – the return of Brock Lesnar, Batista and Sheamus adding to the number of top-level talents that want a shot at one title, and the fact the Internet has been buzzing for a year now about how Punk may not wrestle much past 35 years ago, means this could be REAL.

Sorry guys, I do think there is some credit to this “program” where maybe he just had enough and as in the past, Punk is upset with the direction of how the company is selling the product. In years past, these kinds of “spots” led to wrestlers returning, and yes, Punk could return at a later date, maybe around WrestleMania XXX to face Seth Rollins while Dean Ambrose has his hands full with Roman Reigns.

Other wrestling thoughts…

Cena losing his spot?

Is John Cena losing his spot now that Randy Orton will face Batista at WrestleMania XXX?

Batista, Brock Lesnar and now maybe Bray Wyatt all have a claim to the WWE World Title that is around the waist of Orton. It also makes the Elimination Chamber that much more important.

Orton, Cena, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus are all in the Elimination match with two spots to be determined. Those last two spots should be filled by Batista, Lesnar, or Roman Reigns.

I do not see Cena as a major player in the title picture right now and honestly, we should all be fine with that. Cena has been the face for so long, we should allow for change and frankly, it should be demanded.

What now for the Rhodes Brothers

Now that they are no longer the World Tag Team Champions, what will the WWE do with Cody Rhodes and Goldust? I hope they do not do the obvious thing and pit the two against each other. There is no need to rush into a feud like that. The WWE did a masterful job of this connection and the run the two had was one of the better storylines of 2013.

What happens to the heavyweights?

[adinserter block=”2″]Lesnar, Batista, Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry, Sheamus. What does the WWE do with these heavyweights? There was a belief that Vince McMahon’s idea of using heavyweights to challenge for the WWE World Title was working, but there might actually be too many in the company to fairly promote just one or two as contenders.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and whether Show and Lesnar continue their merry way to Elimination Chamber.

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  1. There is no guarantee that Orton will face Batista at Wrestlemania. We have the Elmination Chamber and the story could be for Orton to lose the title in there, providing some serious fodder or future stories.

    Orton wanting his title back. Whoever may win the title to face Batista. Lesnar will want in the Elimination Chamber possibly, but I suspect there is a Giant looking for a return match? Batista won't. He already has his Wrestlemania spot.

    So in the chamber we can expect Orton + 6. I suspect Bryan, Cena, Shaemus, Reigns, Ambrose, maybe Del Rio and either Kingston or Mysterio (but I think Mysterio is moving toward Tag Team with Sin Cara).

    There is the possibility also that the WWE may decide to include the perennial second placers Swagger or Cesaro, but this seems unlikely. I think there is a feud brewing with the Real Americans, following that Slap!

    One that has been left out of the whole mix is the newcomer, Big E. Surely the WWE has to consider him a possible starter in the Elimination Chamber? He is Intercontinental Champ after all. Even if it is to give him the experience/fill the chamber, he must be viewed as a chance.

    Ultimately Any of the possible contenders in the chamber, Bryan, Cena, Shaemus, Reigns, Ambrose, Big E/Kingston/Mysterio would make for a good match against Batista. If Lesnar is involved he is a real chance and probable winner.

    Assuming Lesnar were to win and face Batista, I expect Batista would make a good showing, but a certain Giant would become involved in the match (maybe even Mark Henry) and Lesnar will be screwed out of the title. This is almost a guarantee if the match is made No Holds Barred.

    CM Punk has had way too much on his plate, almost carrying the WWE along with Bryan, the Shield and the Wyatts, while they got Batista, Lesnar and Shaemus back.I personally suspect CM Punk has spat the dummy, as he had been promised a Wrestlemania moment and has lost it, thanks to the WWE bringing so many "heavyweights" and drawcards back all at once.

    The WWE World Heavyweight Title needs to be un-unified. With ONLY one belt and so many faces, it seems very hard to set a card. A way to do this would be quite simple. a Three way match, two winners. It has been done before and resulted in a feud over the "real" winner, but this would surely provide an interesting spectacle and allow for the belts to be again separated. At the end of the match it is revealed that Cena had a submission and someone else had a pin? Maddox, the eternal goof, struts down, tosses up what to do for a few minutes, with the necessary theatrics from both "winners" then blurts out they both won and hands each a title belt. Might cost him his job, but it would break the belts apart again, allowing for more competition.

    I guess we will just have to wait and see . . .


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