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CM Punk & John Morrison Speak Out On Triple H & Walkout

CM Punk John MorrisonWho needs Monday night television when you have Twitter? A couple of WWE superstars are speaking out on the Triple H vote of confidence walkout on Twitter. One in particular is certainly blurring the lines between work and shoot while another has taken his fellow wrestlers to task.

John Morrison and CM Punk have used Twitter to get their messages out in regards to the walkout from this past Monday night. Punk explained his absence and took his co-workers to task for what he called a cowardly act while Morrison has just gone nuts, using the angle to vent his real-life frustrations about his current working situation.

It should be noted that Morrison’s WWE contract is coming due soon. There are some early rumblings that he may not re-sign after the recent firing of his girlfriend Melina and his continued burial on WWE television. Morrison is obviously taking liberties here and at this point you can’t really blame him. He doesn’t have much left to lose.

[adinserter block=”2″]”Thoughts I had tonight during RAW tonight in Lafayette…Damn, I just got my ass kicked…
…I wonder if John Laurintis’s current promo work is any indication of his aptitude as a wrestler during past in ring endeavors…
…HHH says we work for the WWE universe. Hmmm, yup, I agree with that… I wonder if he’s going to mention my birthday… nope.
…If the WWE universe is paying our checks maybe the pay scale among us independent contractors should be a bit more evenly distributed…maybe forming a union is a good idea… all other entertainment and sporting entities have them…getting an individual health insurance policy after neck surgery is not easy…I wonder if HHH has an individual health insurance plan, or gets group coverage because he’s classified as an employee…
…Wait a minute, when did we nominate @wadebarrett to speak on our behalf? … haha, Barrett talks like a pirate…
I like chaos! If they all leave & I stay, maybe HHH & I could do 5 backstage segments, an in ring promo, and an hour match next week! who am I kidding, HHH is a narcissist. He doesn’t think I’m at his level- His main concern is positioning himself as the center of attention …maybe walking out will get HHH to realize he can’t do this alone, the WWE Universe wants to see different people in the mix…there’s a roster full of superstars that want chaos, that want the ball, that want to be on the road at every WWE event…
…the past is always afraid of the future… HHH’s ego is hungry. He’s got a steak dinner every Monday night- but if he thinks his ego’s gonna snack elsewhere; I’m gonna eat his lunch!“-@TheRealMorrison

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Wow! The guns are certainly blazing. While some of this certainly plays into the angle, I’d say a great deal of his rant has nothing to do with the idea of walking out due to the chaos of RAW. Additionally, I am shocked that the idea of forming a union, even if meant in jest, made it into his rant.

CM Punk had a much different take, and one that makes a lot of sense. Punk was not present during the whole walkout segment. Some wondered whether it would be explained or whether it would just be something that flew under the radar. Well, Punk does a great job of making sense out of his absence. I have to say that I really like where they are going here with his role in the angle.

I think a lot of people are missing the point. Fans and coworkers alike. Walking out is a p***y move. There’s a huge difference in what I did. I want change, and I can’t change s*** from my couch. I’m in the fox hole. I’m getting it done. I stayed to fight and I’m fighting for change. You can protest, violently or peacefully without actually showing up. Walking out isn’t a solution at least not one that I’ve ever seen work. Hold ’em up. Make them change. Don’t just walk out, or lay down. Fight.

This goes for fans as well. Bored? Don’t like @johncena? Want more @ZackRyder? Show up and be heard. Don’t be a p***y and just tweet about it. Actions speaks louder than words. Except mine. My words are pretty awesome. No think about all that, and hopefully you’ll get it. Too many tweets from me.

[adinserter block=”1″]Misspellings abound. You CAN’T protest without showing up. I am not Gandhi. I will kick your face. Don’t like HHH as COO? Punch him in the face. I did. It’s wrestling, not the NBA. Next high kick to Johnny “Funkhauser” Ace won’t be an accident.” –@cmpunk

Maybe Punk comes out on RAW Monday as an unlikely supporter of Triple H? That would certainly endear Punk as a bigger babyface after teetering that fine line over the last several weeks with Triple H. If Punk is joined by Randy Orton and John Cena, that could be a strong enough group to bring back the COO.

The only criticism I have of this is the same I have levied at TNA Wrestling in the past which is why they are going on Twitter to cut these promos and not television? You have television which is seen by millions, yet you have these guys giving strong promos for only a fraction of that audience on Twitter.

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  1. Morrison just tweeted his way out of a job

    WWE should be hiring someone who knows how to better leverage all the social media options available to them

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