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CM Punk Gets Massacred in UFC 203 Debut, Loses Via Submission

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It finally happened. CM Punk finally had his first UFC fight at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall. The fight went about the way all of Punk’s naysayers and MMA critics thought it would…which was an absolute massacre.

Mickey Gall slaughtered CM Punk throughout the first round for a submission victory. Punk charged Gall to open up but was immediately taken down and just obliterated from there. Gall dominated Gall and brought down numerous elbows and strikes. Punk did absolutely nothing but fight for survival. Gall finally tapped out Punk after a merciless 2:14 with a rear naked choke.

Quite honestly this was a travesty on a lot of levels. Punk should have never been in this fight and that isn’t a personal shot at the guy. The guy has never fought in any combat sport and was technically a white belt rolling around with a brown belt. The UFC really got away with one here because they sold their fans a bill of goods that never had a chance of delivering.

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A few other notes on the fight…Punk walked out to “Cult of Personality.” Punk was seriously busted up at the end of the fight. Punk smiled a lot getting into the octagon which some perceived as cockiness, yet it could have easily been nervousness. Punk also played to the crowd quite a bit.

The most surprising thing was Punk’s post-fight speech. Punk said he wasn’t going anywhere and that he’d be back. I was pretty sure this would be it for Punk but if it were up to him it won’t be. He gave a great speech about getting knocked down and getting back up which won him the crowd. It was interesting to see him get booed so heavily at the start of his post-fight promo and end with a big cheer.

All of that is great but at the end of the day it’s up to the UFC to let him back into the octagon. My hunch is that the UFC cuts him. There is no upside here and he could get really hurt if he continues. He’s a natural fit for Bellator and maybe he gets lucky there but I’d be shocked to see him back in the UFC.



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