CM Punk Does The Weather Forecast – Video


CM Punk Weather ForecastNot only can he wrestle, but he can make pizzas, and do the weather! CM Punk did a weather forecast on a local Fox affiliate in Indianapolis, IN. Punk not only provided an entertaining weather report, but also sat down for an interview promoting WWE RAW and talking about his angle.

[adinserter block=”2″]Keep in mind that this was taped Monday morning to promote the August 1 RAW but Punk told the fans that they want to be at the arena tonight and promised a “moment you are not going to want to forget.” Well, he wasn’t lying. He also pointed out several times that he wasn’t a morning man and is usually sleeping at that time of the day.

They spent a minute or two talking John Cena. The interviewer had some fun and really tried to play up to CM Punk. The interviewer asked about Cena and called Cena a punk. Punk responded with a short answer telling the interviewer that he actually respects and likes John Cena.

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Maybe it is me but doesn’t it take a little air out of the balloon according to the whole idea of what Punk’s character is supposed to represent, when he says nice things about John Cena? I don’t think there many fans that cheer for both, hence I have to believe that his supporters (and if last night was any indication he is losing them), aren’t big Cena fans.

[adinserter block=”1″]Once again Punk finds himself arguing about over whether it is a belt or a championship title. Punk appears to have a lot of fun when breaking into these debates and I don’t blame him. It also continually points how ridiculous the argument is within Titan Towers.

The weather report is fun. Punk calls Chicago the best place on the earth. He needs to get out more.

Enjoy your morning weather courtesy of CM Punk.

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  1. I dunno, on his 'shoot' promo he said that he liked John Cena and thought he was a good guy, but hated the idea that he was the best. Saying he likes Cena doesn't go against his character, just keeps it consistent.


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