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CM Punk Confronts Jimmy Kimmel’s Nephew – Video

CM Punk on Jimmy KimmelImagine as a child how you would have reacted if your most hated pro wrestling villain came to your house? That is exactly what happened to young Archie when the evil CM Punk stopped by with the WWE championship for a visit.

CM Punk may have told fans that he was going to take a long vacation after Money in the Bank 2011, but like his threats to steal the belt from the WWE forever, that was also a lie. Punk was a very busy man the last two weeks. One of the last appearances he made before “re-signing” with the WWE was an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show via Uncle Sal’s living room.

[adinserter block=”2″]The premise for this was hilarious. Kimmel’s six-year old nephew, Archie is a big WWE fan. According to Uncle Jimmy, Archie was upset when CM Punk defeated his favorite wrestler John Cena at WWE Money in the Bank. So, good old Uncle Jimmy decided to help him get over the loss by sending CM Punk to his house. Thank God my Uncle Howard never got a hold of the Iron Sheik after he beat Bob Backlund for the WWF championship.

CM Punk enters the house through a sliding glass door. Archie’s jaw drops! If this kid is an actor, give him an Emmy. Punk harasses the kid a bit and an argument breaks out over the WWE championship. Archie argues that it is a belt, while Punk argues that it is a championship. This is hilarious! It is a take on a real-life behind the scenes argument that many within the WWE have often with Vince McMahon who has sent out a doctrine ordering announcers and WWE superstars never to refer to the championship as a belt.

[adinserter block=”1″]Punk is awesome here. At one point Jimmy’s nephew seems surprised by Punk’s size, or lack thereof calling him “small.” I am sure that made a few people in Titan Towers chuckle. Archie and Punk continue their war of wits for the next few minutes until Archie straps on some John Cena wristbands and has had enough. You can guess where this one goes.

All in all this is a fantastic video and a great appearance by Punk. It makes you wonder why they waited until now to get Punk out there to the media. Punk has always been known as a good media interviewer, going back to his days in the indys so clips like these don’t surprise me. Hopefully Punk continues to make more media appearances and Archie thinks twice the next time he slides on those John Cena wrist straps to take on a bully.

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