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CM Punk & AJ Should Return to Face the McMahons

There have been many power couples in the world of professional wrestling. None, however, may have the most “stroke” in the business as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have right now. While the McMahon family continues on the tradition of the family business, these two “power hungry” heathens of the wrestling world are in a position that makes them the biggest bad asses on the block.

[adinserter block=”1″]And there is not a couple in the WWE right now that can stop them. Until an idea hit me like a bucket of bolts.

The rumored return of AJ Lee at some point next month, coupled with the mention of CM Punk returning to Twitter has me thinking the newly engaged (there is a lot of that going on in the WWE these days) couple could be the elixir this company needs to challenge the owners of the company for supremacy.

With all due respect to Daniel Bryan and his new bride, Brie Bella, there isn’t enough firepower in this super couple to challenge the likes of the McMahons. But the brashness of Punk and Lee and the characters they play on the screen are perfect for a family to family confrontation on television.

Just to let you all know, the McMahons are no slouches when it comes to building a dynasty. are the founders and owners of the professional wrestling and entertainment company WWE (legally World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.), previously known as Capitol Wrestling Corporation; World Wide Wrestling Federation; Titan Sports; World Wrestling Federation, and World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc.

Historically, the company’s primary business has currently been professional wrestling, but it has at various times expanded into bodybuilding promotion, TV network, home video production, film production, nightclub, merchandising superstore, and a professional football league.

But this isn’t about what the family has in the media and entertainment world as much as it is about what two factions can do in a wrestling ring. While we all know at one point or another, the McMahons have been in the WWE ring, beating the hell out of wrestlers and each other. This would certainly make for great drama and would also keep the fans and the WWE Universe interested and entertained.

Just a few questions need to be answered before this kind of a confrontation can take place.

  • When is AJ Lee coming back?
  • What will her role be in the Divas Division?
  • Will the WWE use the romance by Lee and Punk to their advantage?
  • When will Punk return?

And if he does return, which one of the members of Evolution does he face (Batista)?

It looks like I have everything all planned out for this little confrontation and to be honest, I do in a way. But Punk has to want to come back and do this. There has been conjecture he is done with the ring battles and the injuries and will move on from the business. There has also been talk that Lee wanted time off – but will be back sooner than anticipated by several media outlets.

I stated in my column yesterday the WWE should stay the course and continue to promote what they have been successful with concerning current feuds in the company. But it would also be foolish for this company to take a simple scenario – one many of us would love to see, and not make it work to some point.

[ad]Right now, the company is building Evolution as the new authority figure on the WWE and its main focus is to beat the hell out of The Shield. Great concept, great idea and bad way to remain stagnant. Everyon should be the focus of Evolution. And when it comes to the new “love birds,” they should be priority number one on the hit list.

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  1. As much has I have enjoyed learning about the “business” over the few years since they pulled the curtain back, I agree with Old School. We shouldn’t know who is married to who and there still needs to be some Kayfabe in the business.

  2. This is a point where being a smart mark KILLS wrestling !!!!

    Ir should not who is dating or marrying who !!!

    All that should matter is what happens inside the squared circle,

    Shows how old school I really am !!!!

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