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CM Punk: A Drastically Different View of Things

[adinserter block=”1″]Something has been bugging me ever since I first heard the original CM Punk interview with Colt Cabana. After reading so many comments and columns praising the CM Punk interview, I decided to listen to it again but this time I got a completely different impression from the interview, something I could never have gotten if I didn’t have a complete neutral point of view. Everything I was hearing from different websites and people really influenced my decision yet the only opinion that really matters to me is my own which mow happens to be drastically different than many others.

CM Punk is a jerk, and that’s putting it nicely in my opinion! While I do fully agree with some of the things he said like Vince McMahon being an “out of touch old man”, I think the way he bashed some of the people in the interview is wrong. For instance, the way Punk talked about Ryback came off as ignorant to me. I completely disagree with Punk’s statement that Ryback took a few years off his life.

How can you say that in a business like this? Ryback didn’t take a few years off your life, professional wrestling did. While I understand Punk’s frustration, you can’t go off on the man now if you didn’t do so earlier. I like to use the example of a wrestler names Droz/Puke, he got paralyzed when D Lo Brown botched a move after slipping on soda (or what not) that was thrown in the ring yet he doesn’t hold a grudge against D Lo, it’s the same with Ryback…accidents do happen but that’s what you have to deal with in the wrestling business not to mention the fact that Punk isn’t even close to being paralyzed.

While his medical stories about Dr Chris Amann certainly do seem compelling, there is simply no way of knowing what really went on between the two. Obviously both sides will have vastly different stories and analysis on the event and there no way of knowing what happened. Is it really unheard of that CM Punk possibly lying, now don’t twist my words around and say that I am calling Punk out for lying but, hey, we’re all humans and we’re all capable of it. While CM Punk certainly did have some medical issues, nobody knows what happened between the two and you can’t really take Punk’s word for it without hearing Dr Amann’s side of the story which unfortunately, without a doubt, won’t be revealed for a long long time.

Finally, when it comes to Punk’s interaction with the fans, I found it inexcusably harsh. When responding to a fans comment that stated that the fan bought his house for him, Punk responded “F*** you, I bought my own house.” Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that response? This is a big FU to the fans, literally! Not only is this highly disrespectful, he may also be responding to a good point.

Where would CM Punk be without his fans, in fact he wouldn’t even be CM Punk, he would just be plain old Phil Brooks. Now it’s not right to say that the fan personally bought his house for him, but it’s even worse to swear at the people who made you famous. Also when Punk mentioned that he should have made way more money for what he did, I find that as being a big slap in the face to Indy wrestlers.

[adinserter block=”2″]There are thousands of Indy wrestlers in the US aspiring to be in the WWE that don’t make nearly as much money as you do, yet it feels like he just blows it off while counting his millions. Yes, I understand that he was an Indy wrestler for a long time in companies such as ROH but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and bag on the people less successful than you are!

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Max Cruze
Max Cruze is a News Reporter for Pwmania.com. He also writes for some of the world's most popular wrestling websites such as Wrestlingnews.co, camelclutchblog.com and whatculture.com. He can be reached at MaxCruzeWrestling@gmail.com.


  1. You are one sorry excuse for a human being. I mean…… Could you possibly be any more of a corporate shill?

    This may shock you, but the WWE isn’t a person. Punk is a person, and we no longer practice indentured servitude in this country. They don’t own him, nor do you as a fan.

    It’s one thing to have an unpopular opinion on most issues. But it’s NOT ok under any circumstances when you start degrading someone in defense of a billion dollar company that willfully put someone’s life in jeopardy for the sake of their own short-term financial gain. And dont even play the whole “assuming he’s being honest” card, because Punk isn’t the first person to levy claims of deliberate medical malpractice within the wwe. And anyone pathetic enough to defend that sort of behavior while claiming to be “neutral”…… isn’t worth the resources it takes to keep you alive.

    BTW: since you’re interested in revisiting things prior to sharing your ignorance with the world…..try watching some film of the matches he worked with your boyfriend Ryback…. the incompetence was as plain as day.

    • This comment was hilarious. Just like all your other “I love CM Punk” comments. I think the article itself was very spot on. Ultimately, CM Punk has evolved his character over the years and is always in kayfabe. Hence why there is no all out, everyone trying to bury CM Punk. People that actually have worked with him know its a gimmick and very good one at that.

    • I respect your opinion but please bare in mind that I looked at this from a completely neutral angle and that’s just how I feel a out this issue.

    • Um, he’s not an indentured servant. He is a CONTRACTED performer. Vince let him off very easily when he could have easily cleaned him out for breach of contract.

      Don’t know where you’re from, but where I come from, a man shakes your hand and makes a business agreement with you, you keep it. Or you’re not much of a man.

      like poor little Phil.


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