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Is The Cleveland Browns Future In The Eagles’ Hands?

Philadelphia Eagles QuarterbacksAs I always say sports fans, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. The rumor mill is swirling with scenarios in Cleveland, and alot of it is focused on what the Eagles have at QB. As you know, Former Eagles GM Tom Heckert is now holding that position with the Browns, and according to rumors he and new “Prez” Mike Holmgren are looking for a radical change.

So of course you think to yourself, “doesn’t Cleveland have two QB’s, and one of them being hometown favorite Brady Quinn?” Well yes the Browns have men in position, but the offense the last few years has been awful. Several rumors spilling over have the Browns looking at Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, and yes even Michael Vick. Now here is where the wishing makes me laugh: Show of hands, how many Eagles fans would be happy seeing a deal that would ship McNabb to Cleveland for Quinn or Anderson? How many “Green Bleeders” would be happy seeing Kevin Kolb shipped there for some 4th round draft pick? Be careful what you wish for!

[adinserter block=”1″]It seems to me that Vick will not be in the Eagles plans for next year. Vick can draw something to the birds in return for a trade. Rumors have flown about the Rams and Browns looking into Vick, not so much as a savior, but as a player to put some butts in the seats. I would believe that if he shows a quality work ethic that he can draw a third round pick. Although it would seem unlikely that a team would give up anything this high for a guy who really didn’t show the ability to play full time. His legs aren’t quite what they used to be, and his arm has never been razor sharp.

Now for McNabb, his story is well known. He has just one year left on his contract, and many Philly fans have been calling for his head. Sure, and why not? Donovan McNabb is only the winningest QB in franchise history and is one of very few all time QBs to appear in five conference championship games. This past seasons playoff failure by the Eagles have many looking at McNabb and thinking it may be time for a change. They look and think of how the Packers were able to say good-bye to Brett Favre, and how the 49ers once said good-bye to Joe Montana. In my opinion McNabb is the most ideal choice to stay in Philly because he knows the system and its players. Perhaps a dedicated offensive line would help? The Andrews brothers spend more time in hospitals then nurses, Herremans is more worried about his over bloated social life and Winston Justice has never proven to be worthy of his high draft status.

Which brings us to Kolb. He had a good start against a poor Kansas City team, but outside of that has not really shown anything sparkling. If the Eagles could stand to part with any of these guys, my safest bet would be Kolb. However if Kolb is dealt to Cleveland, Quinn or Anderson would have to be included in the deal so you have steady back up plans for McNabb. I feel that with a better team, Quinn is leaps and bounds better then Kolb, so I’d pull off some kind of deal like this in a flash. Although, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

The upcoming NFL draft is not loaded with big time QB prospects. Many say about, “well look at Aaron Rodgers”, yes look at him all you want, he was actually projected as the best QB in his draft by many. The Packers just lucked out to have him fall where he did. Come back to earth and look at some recent second and third round draft choices. Drew Stanton, John Beck, Kolb, Trent Edwards, Pat White, Brian Brohm, etc. How many of these guys are making a dent in the NFL? At least if you get a deal done for Quinn you have a guy who has started regularly and knows a little something about being in an NFL game.

[adinserter block=”2″]Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it Philly fans. Please don’t even begin to ask me how many Super Bowls McNabb has won. If that is the measuring stick then perhaps we should find Brad Johnson, or Trent Dilfer, or Doug Williams? Feel the trend? These guys won Super Bowls, but quite frankly could never be the face of a franchise. It is all not the fault of McNabb. You have an undersized defense and an average offensive line. Look into stuff like that first before you jump up and down in excitement about the thought of getting a 3rd round draft choice instead of your franchise QB.

One way or another it may be safe to assume that 1 of the 3 on the roster will be gone soon. Whether it be Vick, Kolb or McNabb, it will make an impact on this city and this team. Who comes in their place? One can only imagine, but one will also caution: Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

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  1. Also nobody in cleveland want Kolb we have quinn and he is way better the Kolb will ever be.. Nobody want vick either hes a piece of trash didn't like him with the falcons before he got in trouble nobody cares that he killed dogs in Cleveland if he was any good we would take him… Mcnabb is 34 and getting up there in age Cleveland would take him if the price was right probably would be willing to give a 2 and a 5 for him but not a first… or maybe 3rd rounder and a player like shaun rodgers since you guys good use him in philly but them have fun with kolb running your offense.. you will be relying on leshawn mccoy and westbrook like the jets do with jones and greene. like you said careful what you wish for philly but you wont get quinn for kolb i guarantee that
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..U.S. Army Bowl Story Index =-.

  2. do some research the browns can't be moved. when they were moved to Baltimore the franchise name wasn't allowed to be taken with the team… It is one of the most valuable franchises in the NFL they put a poor product on the field and still sell out all most all there games for the last decade. Just imagine how much money they would make if they started winning

  3. You can't put Vick in the Browns Dogpound. It's already dead and does not need a dog killer. I don't see how you can talk about McNabb needing a line in front and on the same note not even consider that the browns quarterbacks haven't had a line in front of them since the new franchise began and way back to Kosar. Derek Anderson destroyed the giants last year and all of a sudden he was no good any more. I think the trouble with the Browns is the front office listens to the (knowlegeable ????) fans to much. They even wanted the owner to sell the team. I wonder if someone else buys the team are they dumb enough to think the new owner would keep the team in Cleveland? I think they better respect this owner and thank him for pro football in Cleveland. The mans a rich man and sure doesnT need Cleveland. THEY NEED HIM.


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