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Classic Rivalry Renewed in TNA on Sunday

Mick FoleyTNA Wrestling will host one of the biggest matches in the promotion’s history this weekend. TNA Wrestling will present Lockdown on Sunday night. Lockdown will feature a show full of cage matches. One of those cage matches will see two men tangle for the first time in over fifteen years. Mick Foley and Sting will try and recreate the magic of their previous encounter when they lock up at Lockdown.

There really aren’t many dream matches left in pro wrestling, especially TNA. While one could argue whether this match is a dream match, I think by definition that it  meets the criteria. I would dare say that TNA hasn’t had a match with this much anticipation since the original Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle match.

I don’t know how important all of this is to Sting, which could present a problem. At his age, I get the impression that Sting is out there for a payday. I think he has done some tremendous things since signing with TNA. Yet, I haven’t seen any of Sting’s matches that I would classify as classics. There was even a report that Kurt Angle was frustrated after their most recent match with Sting’s efforts (or lack thereof) in the match.

I can say that without question, this is a huge match for Mick Foley. I was very critical of TNA’s acquisition of Foley. Foley hasn’t drawn the big numbers in quite a while. I really didn’t see the benefit of paying someone like Foley to come in at the time. I am looking like I may be wrong on this one. The more I see of Foley in TNA, the more I like what I am seeing out of the former world champ.

I will say this about TNA overall. I have given Impact another chance lately and it has definitely gotten better. The booking and storylines are a little ridiculous, but I’ve really enjoyed the wrestling. I think a huge part of this is Mick Foley. Mick has been pretty awesome over the last few weeks. Mick’s promo on two weeks ago was just absolute classic Foley. The brawl with Sting and all of the buildup has been spot on. I will credit Mick singlehandedly for my renewed interest in TNA. I have a feeling there are a lot of fans like me out there which makes the investment in Foley a success in my opinion.

Foley and Sting had one of the greatest matches in WCW history at Bash at the Beach seventeen years ago. While I don’t expect them to live up to that standard, they can’t go out there and have a stinker. Foley has talked and written a big game over the last few years. Foley still thinks whenever he goes out there, he is the main-event. Foley really needs to put his match where his mouth is this Sunday.  Anything less than a compelling match will be seen as a big disappointment to all involved.

I did a story about TNA’s 2008 pay-per-view numbers back in January. In terms of the percentage of television viewers that order the shows, they have dropped big time since coming to Spike. This could change on Sunday. There is a lot of buzz about this match. This match could shatter the previous numbers. Keep in mind shattering the numbers is drawing 40-45,000 buys, which is nothing compared to the WWE shows. Giving fans a letdown of a match who had never bought before is something that could hurt business for a long time.

The guys have some advantages and disadvantages going into the match on Sunday. I’d say one of the biggest advantages is the fact that this will be in Philadelphia. The fans in Philly absolutely love Foley and Sting. The crowd will be rooting for them, which is huge on live shows. I can’t say the same will be said about Jeff Jarrett.  The bad news is that this will be in a cage. The cage could be restrictive for two guys that like to use the outside of the ring.

As someone that rarely cares about TNA, I am intrigued by this match. I think there are a lot of fans out there who feel like I do. It could be the romance I have with their previous match of 1992. That match was one of my favorite matches of all-time. I know they can’t top it. If they come close, this could give TNA a well needed shot in the arm. I am putting my money on Foley and Sting to tear the house down and give Undertaker and Shawn Michaels a little competition for Match of the Year.

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