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Chyna, Women in the Hall of Fame and Other Pro Wrestling Thoughts

While women in professional wrestling are a hot topic now. A possible return to the WWE by Tara (Victoria). Rumblings that Kharma might appear on a television screen. Stacy Keibler returning to the WWE to be teamed with Daniel Bryan (purely speculation) and the possibility of Chyna being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with Degeneration X. It’s a great time to be a woman in the this business.

[adinserter block=”1″]But with all that has been discussed lately (including WWE the Divas program on E! Entertainment), it is hard to understand why only six women have been inducted into the WWE hallowed hall.

When Trish was called to be honored last season, it almost assured Lita of induction in 2014. But what happened to the other women who have helped to further the cause of the business over the years. Judy Grable. Leilani Kai. Alundra Blayze. Luna Vachon. And of course Mildred Burke.

They all have a rightful place in the Hall. But as I see it, the newer faces of the WWE and professional wrestling will find a room in the HOF before these pioneers.

And if Chyna is inducted next year with her fellow stablemates and Lita is asked to take her position at the top of the mountain, who is next in line for the honor.

Torrie Wilson? Sable? Michelle McCool? If Sunny gets in before someone so decorated as Trish Stratus, then there is something seriously flawed with the system.

And how can the WWE not have placed Miss Elizabeth in the Hall of Fame long before any of these contemporary ladies? All may deserve it, but if not for Elizabeth and then Sable, the term “diva” would have no true meaning.

In other thoughts…

The Bound for Glory Series is Missing Something

Am I the only one who isn’t as excited about the Bound for Glory Series this season? Maybe it is the fact Aces and Eights are battling the Main Event Mafia or the fact Bully Ray is no longer the world champion in TNA and Chris Sabin is not a believeable champion, but it has lost something this year.

The Bound for Glory Series was the greatest invention this side of WrestleMania two years ago. It made Bobby Roode a household name. It showed the greatness of Bully Ray and even allowed us to see what James Storm could do in singles competition. And it led to a Roode/Storm feud that was supposed to be bigger than life.

I am hoping TNA will find some way to further improve the BFG Series this year or it could be a wasted event this year. I think a Magnus Bobby Roode finale would rock the house.

What Happens to Wade Barrett?

After seeing Barrett on Monday night and the ridiculous spot where he was supposed to shave Daniel Bryan’s beard, I am convinced the WWE has lost its marbles. Barrett is not a jobber and the skit was completely lost on us.

While I get the idea of trying to make Bryan more “corporate,” the way it was handled was poor. The WWE needs to make sure it is trying to find a true spot for former Intercontinental Champion.

Here is a thought since Sheamus is now injured and the idea of a tag team combination is off the table – could you see Barrett as a face and Ryback as his opponent?

The Miz hosting SummerSlam Means Nothing

[adinserter block=”2″]Just so no one reads into anything, just because The Miz is hosting SummerSlam, it is not the same thing as The Rock hosting WrestleMania 27.
The Miz needs a remake and a return back to heel status. While he is a great marketing tool for the company, his role as a heel is a perfect fit for the business. Oh, and bring back Maryse while he is at it.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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